Aromatherapy Kit: A Guide to Using Essential Oils for Everyday Life Iside Sarmiento

51LVI3YABJL._AC_US160_.jpgPub: Wellfleet Press

Start enjoying a healthier and more sustainable life with essential oils, all from the comfort of your own home!

Essential oils are an all-natural way to bring about peace, calm, energy, and many other states of being. An alternative route to stress relief and preventative care, these oils can truly help heal.

The Aromatherapy Kit contains information on all of the most common oils used in home remedies: orange, lavender, peppermint, tea tree, lemon, frankincense, geranium, and cedarwood. They are each profiled so you can use their individual attributes to create a unique blend for exactly what you need, with instructions given on whether oils are to be used topically or diffused around your home.

You’ll find ideas on how to use essential oils for cleaning appliances, or freshening up clothes and musky closets. The book also includes advice on how to purchase and store essential oils for all of your aromatherapy uses. Find the aromas that best suit your lifestyles and develop a love for them that will last a lifetime.


If like me you are a starter with Aromatherapy and the oils then kit is a fabulous way to learn.

The booklet is filled with recipes to help ease, heal and uplift.  It is filled with everything you need to know about oils and their uses. From Carrier Oils to Essential Oils, and even how to store your oils, this is a must have for every Aromatherapist.

Remedies for  relaxation, and allergies, oils for the home and even help with anxiety in your pets are just a few things covered.  50 oils and over 50 recipes, their uses and their properties,  are simply explained.

Aromatherapy, does not come with the oils, but it a complete guide, and comes with 8 small vials and a small pouch, with which to carry your important potions, to make them easy to get to.

This is a pack that would make a wonderful gift. It is highly recommended and I cannot wait to start my Aromatherapy journey.


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Origami Paper Boxes Mark Bolitho

516eABJ1SHL._AC_US218_Pub: Jacqui Small LLP

This covetable collection of perfectly mindful origami includes more than 25 inventive paper origami box projects, ranging from simple lidded classic forms to complex pentagonal, hexagonal and octagonal boxes with integral twisted lids. Perfect for holding accessories or for putting on display, each project is superbly designed and clearly explained with fully illustrated step-by-step instructions. Also included are 30 sheets of origami paper to get you started on a relaxing and creative activity for your digital detox time. Whether you are an origami beginner or a seasoned paper crafter looking for a more complex challenge, Perfectly Mindful Origami will exercise your mind while clearing it of clutter.


The boxes in this beautiful book definitely have the WOW factor.

Origami, dates back from 17th century Japan, and they always do things with a sincere and mindful attitude. With this in mind, this book will give you a few moments of quiet time to fold, crease and create beautiful boxes.

The 25 boxes are all very different, and each have their own skill level. 1 star, 2 star and three stars.

The written and drawn diagrams, are relatively simple to follow, although some may have to have a few attempts to achieve them.

This is a stunning book. It comes complete with 30 sheets of origami paper, which have stunning colours, both plain and patterned. All you need is time and your folding fingers.

In four sections, that cover, Classic Designs, Modern Boxes, Two Piece Boxes and Modular Boxes. All are very beautiful and are perfect for small gifts or sweets. I can imagine sugared almonds at Christmas, all boxed up and used as place settings.

Anyone can make these boxes and this is a perfect project book for an afternoon of quiet and creation.


2018-05-15 06.32.11 Origami Paper Boxes comes with 30 beautiful sheets of Origami paper.

I made the ‘Masu Box’. It is a simple 1 star box. 

2018-05-15 13.47.34    2018-05-15 13.52.57


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Silver Clay Workshop Melanie Blaikie

51tmGnEuccL._AC_US218_ (1)Pub: GMC Publications Ltd

If you love silver jewellery but don t have the time or patience to learn traditional silversmithing techniques, then the exciting medium of silver clay will open up a whole new range of possibilities to your jewellery making. Boasting all the same properties as modelling clay, it is 99.9% pure silver meaning you can make high-quality jewellery using the easiest of techniques. This handy new book is perfect for anyone taking their first steps with this rewarding craft. Get stuck in to the varied series of 22 projects that show perfectly the versatility of silver clay. Shape, roll, cut, mould and indent your way through them, learning the techniques as you go. From pendants and bracelets to rings and statement beads, there will be something for everyone.


I chose this book as my jewellery making friend works with clay and I wanted to try it.

There are 22 projects in this book and from start to the finished item Silver Clay Workshop covers every step of the process.

I adored the Button Cuff Links, but each of the projects are stunning, From beginner to advanced the guide is easy to follow. Each piece has a list of needed items and is full of useful hints and tips. The Glossary at the bag is particularly interesting, it explains the  terminology and names of useful tools and techniques.

The picture are in full colour and is perfect for both the visual and method follower.

I hope to create my first piece very soon, so watch this space.


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Half Yard Bags & Purses: Sew 12 Beautiful Bags and 12 Matching Purses Debbie Shore

61jKtDN+Q6L._AC_US218_Pub: Search Press(UK)

Sew 12 gorgeous bags and 12 matching purses with this stylish, easy-to-use book

This exciting new title comes from bestselling author Debbie Shore, who was awarded Designer of the Year in the Immediate Media British Craft Awards 2017.

This fantastic book contains 24 projects: 12 bags and 12 matching purses. Choose from flowery patchwork totes, backpacks with faux leather detailing, clasp-top clutches, cute floral messenger bags, practical folder holders and a stylish business travel bag, all complete with a matching purse. Each purse is made in the same style and from the same fabric as its corresponding bag – mix and match the bags and purses or make yourself the pair.

Each bag requires no more than half a yard of outer fabric, plus all the necessary hardware, trimmings and lining. All the instructions you need are provided in Debbie’s clear, friendly style, along with inspiring, easy-to-follow photography, and any templates required are included at full size. There are also 8 QR code video links, providing additional support and advice from Debbie.



I want to make everything that is in it and I want to make them all again for everyone I know.

A bag for every occasion complete with matching purse are beautifully showcased with stunning glossy photographs, I am in love with them all.

Debbie Shore has outdone herself with this fabulous book, and if you love sewing then you will not be disappointed.

Full instructions and a few full sized templates are given. The project order is easy to follow and what I love with Shore’s books, is that even beginners can accomplish a usable and beautiful item. What you need, sizes and ‘how to’ is in simple language and include some helpful hints and tips for that professional look and finish.

With no more than half a yard of fabric, totes, clutches, and more can be made from cotton, felt and faux leather. I adored the Twisted Thread Bag, and even though it looks quite difficult, the ease of the demonstration means that I will have no bother achieving a fabulous result with a stunning effect.

In this book, there is a QR Code. this can be scanned with your phone and takes you to videos, tutorials and helpful advice. This is a genius idea and is why I love Ms Shore, she thinks about everything and everyone.

Highly recommended and quite superb.


2018-05-13 14.05.05 The Twisted Thread box has an amazing finished effect and is very simple to achieve.


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Very British Toddler Knits Susan Campbell

51o7IfqLlSL._AC_US218_Pub: Search Press(UK)

25 timeless, hand-knitted, classically British designs for your own toddler prince or princess

Following the classic designs created in Very British Baby Knits comes this latest book by Susan Campbell for you to start knitting for your growing toddler!
For many years, Susan Campbell has designed and produced special one-off pieces for a variety of high-profile clients. Susan’s Estate is adjacent to the Royal Sandringham Estate, home of HRM Queen Elizabeth, and Anmer Hall, the country home of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Susan has designed the collections in this book with the young Royals very much in mind, seen in the popularity of the outfits worn by little Prince George and his sister Princess Charlotte.

This book features 25 beautiful, hand-knitted designs ranging from clothes to toys and accessories that will make gorgeous gifts for any toddler, from age 1 to 6 years old. The projects reflect the classic elegance of British design with easy-to-follow instructions and beautiful photographs. Knitters of all abilities will relish making these gorgeous designs fit for your own little prince or princess!


The designs in this book are created by a designer who has produced bespoke items for, among others, Royalty..

So why not make the same beautiful and sweet pieces for your own child??

The sections in the book are named after the Palaces, Glamis, Hampton etc and each wonderful item, which can be embellished with embroidery, fabric and buttons are simply superb.

For both boys and girls, the projects are beautifully laid out and easy to understand. A list of requirements are listed for each item, and needles for the US and UK have been given. Yarn requirements have also been recommended.

Cardigans, hats dresses even a charming rucksack are all showcased in a book that is adorable and gorgeous. Toy patterns are also included, and the mice are  just splendid.

The blues, greys and lilacs of the chosen yarns, are completely divine, but of course you can use your own colour choices.

Some templates are included and also a sizing diagram is helpful, the inner flap has an 8 inch /  22 cm ruler printed.

This is an amazing and exquisite book, I know several of my friends who will love it so will be recommending and gift buying for them.



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The Liar’s Room Simon Lelic

51tf2lB2zQL._AC_US218_.jpgPub: Penguin

Susanna Fenton has a secret. Fourteen years ago she left her identity behind, reinventing herself as a counsellor and starting a new life. It was the only way to keep her daughter safe.

But everything changes when Adam Geraghty walks into her office. She’s never met this young man before – so why does she feel like she knows him?

Adam starts to tell her about a girl. A girl he wants to hurt. And that’s when Susanna realises she was wrong.

She doesn’t know him.
He knows her.
And the girl he plans to hurt is her daughter.


The Liars Room is one of those books that just grips from the start.

Susanna, a Therapist has a new client…. Adam. She also has a secret and a daughter whom she loves.

Unknown to Susanna, Adam seems to know all about her secret and what happens in her office is a battle of wits between the two and as we get to know each character, the reader soon discovers the dark sides of both of them.

The suspense intensifies gradually, and quite honestly this is a book that scared me. At the beginning I do not know who I felt more fearful for.

The Liars Room has ‘Book of the Year’ written all over it. It is fabulous.

It is a creepy read filled with chilling and disturbing drama, and I for one would love to see a film of this book.

Susanna’s anguish comes across brilliantly and Adam is a conniving and convincing mad man. I loved him.



Simply Modern Patchwork Quilts Janet Goddard

51v70Wpj81L._AC_US218_Pub: Search Press(UK)

10 contemporary quilt designs to sew for the stunning modern home.

A handmade quilt is a great addition to any home, and here are designs for ten of them in a range of sizes and fresh, contemporary designs. Quilting expert Janet Goddard provides step-by-step instructions for each project, accompanied by gorgeous photographs displaying the quilts in a modern home setting, and materials and basic techniques sections at the start of the book give you all the information you need to start quilting. Choose fabrics and colours to match your own decor and create an eye-catching accessory for your home


The quilts in this book are beautiful and quite simple to piece together.

There are no templates, so you will need to follow the easy to follow instructions.

From start to finish, this book shows you the best techniques to achieve a stunning and versatile quilt.

Each quilt is given a skill level, from Easy to Requires Experience, so there is no reason why a beginner should not just dive in and have a go.

The quilts are all beautiful. They can be adapted to be made smaller or larger, and with a wide range of fabrics and colour you can make each quilt to your scheme.

I am feeling very inspired by this book, and will be making the Sunshine Quilt for a Christmas gift.

Watch this space for my finished piece.


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