Fabulous Floral Dishcloths: 12 Colorful Designs Made with Worsted-Weight Yarn! Glenda Winkleman

61IJCwAioiL._AC_US218_Pub: Annie’s;

Stitch a dozen fabulous dishcloths! Choose from an assortment of pretty floral designs, each made using Premier Yarns Home Cotton #4 worsted-weight yarn and a size I/9/5.5mm crochet hook. They are suitable for beginners and more advanced crocheters who are simply after new and beautiful designs to make.


Homemade dishcloths are just gorgeous.

Fabulous Floral Dishcloths that measure around 8 inches in diameter are the perfect addition to any kitchen sink.
12 designs that are easy to make, and oh so pretty are showcased in this sensational book.
As long as you can crochet, these small projects are perfect for a hour or two of quiet time. I know they are designed to be dishcloths, but I can see myself making several of the same ones and adapting them into a throw or a baby blanket.
They are beautiful. Each come with easy instructions, and a stitch guide and conversion chart is given.

Ideal to be given as gifts or just be selfish and keep them all for yourself


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The Textile Artist: Layered and Stitched Pictures Katie Essam

61ptK3GRWLL._AC_US218_Pub: Search Press Ltd

Katie Essam’s fresh, modern style uses unique combinations of traditional techniques, and in this book she shows you how to create beautiful textile art inspired by the beauty in everyday objects. Stretch your imagination and be inspired by Katie’s fun, innovative ideas; learn how to draw inspiration from the animals, birds, gardens, beach huts and scenes that surround you; and use that inspiration as the fuel you need to create gorgeous stitched pictures.



Drawing using your sewing machine is both brilliant and fun..

and the finished effect is just stunning. Katie Essam has given us a different approach to this craft using simple and easy to follow instructions.

Applique has always been a beautiful addition to any sewn project, but Layered and Stitched Pictures takes it up to another level. From planning your project to your finished piece, this is a book that is both educational and inspiring.

Even if you have never used your sewing machine in this way before, under Katie’s excellent tutelage, you will be able to complete a project and get a beautiful finished piece of work.

Each project is simple to follow and with the templates included, they are perfect for practice, learning and if you have done this kind of sewing before, you will be spoiled for choice, as they are all quite different, but each are just divine.

I loved the Paint and Stitch section, the abundance of ideas are amazing. The Beach Scene was a favourite of mine, and while it is very simple in design the effect is stunning.

Techniques, tools, hints and tips are all included, and even how to display your finished art work is given importance.

A beautiful and inspiring book, that will be used time and time again.


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The Joy of Jelly Rolls Carolyn Forster

61Y1qDHcCWL._AC_US218_Pub: Search Press Ltd

This redesigned collection of three of Carolyn Forster’s bestselling books -Twenty to Make: Jelly Roll Scraps, Sew Jelly Roll Quilts & Gifts and Little Quilts & Gifts from Jelly Roll Scraps – is ideal for any quilter wanting to bust their Jelly Roll stash with 44 gorgeous gift projects and 24 quilts. The quilts section is guaranteed to whet your appetite: there are 24 stunning quilts to choose from in a variety of sizes and styles, made using different techniques and quilting patterns. Choose from simple ‘brick wall’ and ‘log cabin’ designs, or create patchworks from diamonds, hexagons, tumblers and squares. There is a mix of hand and machine quilting, and full instructions are given for backing, binding and finishing your quilts. The gifts section contains 44 items to choose from – enough to bust any stash! Choose from cheery home items such as coasters, bags, pillows and toys, or select decorative items such as bunting, a wreath or some scented hanging birds. All the techniques needed are clearly explained step by step, and all the required templates are given at the back of the book.


Carolyn Forster is an amazing quilter..

and The Joy of  Jelly Rolls showcases some beautiful projects and techniques.

A ‘Jelly Roll’ is a bundle of fabric measuring 6.5cm x 112cm and usually comes in a pack of 40 strips. These can be stitched together in a variety of ways to create a stunning quilt, bag or cushion.

24 quilts and 44 gifts, such as coin purses, coasters bunting and much more with detailed and easy to follow instructions, are perfect for beginners and advanced sewists. The quilts are beautiful and are  through fabric choice, ideal for male and female, the sizes can also be adjusted, all it takes is a little bit of patience and flair.

The colour choice of the fabric used in this book ar truly amazing, and what I particularly loved was that each project method is given with a visual and written description. There are many projects to choose from, and with the addition of the templates included, this makes it a perfect ‘buy and get started right away’ book.

It is a perfect addition to any bookshelf, and with the glossy photographs and it’s soft cover, it is a useful and practical guide to sewing and quilting.


2018-06-23 11.24.58 I loved the ‘Lavender Ravioli’ project, perfect to give as a small gift.

2018-06-23 11.26.12 I made a useful ‘Tissue pouch’ and embroidered my name for decoration.

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Crease + Fold Sok Song

515QJg19FGL._AC_US218_Pub: Potter Craft

The traditional art of origami has gone mainstream with origami folds popping up on fashion runways and in museum exhibitions. A testament to the amazing versatility of the craft today, this book is filled with clever paper projects sure to impress enthusiasts and casual crafters alike. In Crease + Fold, paper artist Sok Song presents 40 modern origami projects that transform a simple piece of paper into an astonishing array of paper sculpture, cards, home items, ornaments and wearable accessories. Many of the projects showcase ways of using recycled or alternative materials; some are life-size, such as an elephant that takes an extra set of hands to accomplish, but all adhere to the origami purist restriction of no cutting or gluing. From a rose fashioned out of a dollar bill to a wallet made from a subway map, Crease + Fold demonstrates that anything is possible just using simple folds.


This is a gorgeous book, showcasing the ancient japanese art of paper folding.

I am addicted to paper, so I couldn’t wait to get folding. The easy to follow instructions are perfect for beginners and more advanced origamists.

Included are suggestions for the perfect paper and folding techniques are demonstrated in visual and written formats.

There are many folding projects, choosing a favourite was hard, but the frog, the bunny and especially the kangaroo are adorable.

Sok Song promotes mindfulness and quiet while folding so this is a good activity for those of us who require a hour or two of mental clarity and calmness.

This book comes highly recommended and would make a wonderful gift for both children and adults.




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The Royal School of Needlework Book of Embroidery

51fNGOjQoQL._SS300_Pub: Search Press Ltd

New from the world-renowned Royal School of Needlework, this beautiful book is a rich source of embroidery techniques, stitches and projects, covering eight key subjects in detail: crewelwork, bead embroidery, stumpwork, canvaswork, goldwork, whitework, blackwork and silk shading. Containing all the trusted, bestselling content from the RSN Essential Stitch Guide series, plus a new section on mounting your finished work, this fantastic book is a must-have for all embroiderers.



This is a massive book, and perfect for lovers of embroidery.
It is beautiful. The stitchwork is photographed in full glossy colour, which shows each design and technique to it’s best effect.
The projects and methods are easy to follow, and all are very detailed. This is a book perfect to teach, learn and master new skills.
There are specific notes and tips which give extra information for your work and everything from equipment to displaying your finished piece is covered.

I love that a history of each technique is given. Each section covers a method of embroidery, and the stitch section is amazing.

If you need an embroidery book then this is the one to have.It covers everything, it is a good reference guide and the beauty of it is in the stitches themselves. I adored the Goldwork, and I cannot wait to have a go.

The RSN Book of Embroidery is like a having a personal tutor at your fingertips.



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Bound: Over 20 Artful Handmade Books Erica Ekrem

51f-5VBb1DL._AC_US218_Pub: Lark Books,U.S.

This title features beautiful bookbinding projects from the master Erica Ekrem. It combines traditional techniques with a stylish aesthetic, using the popular upcycling trend. It is suitable for all skill levels and tastes. Bind a book beautifully, with these charming and stylish projects from bookbinder extraordinaire Erica Ekrem. With her novel approach to traditional techniques, and the use of repurposed materials, Ekrem has devised creative fun for book artists of all levels. You can choose from three categories: Vintage, Nature, and Leather. You can make books from mason jars and seashells, a classic leather-bound photo album, and other works of art.

If like me you love paper, and books, then this will be of enormous interest to you.

Handmade books, no matter how small can be every expensive. Bound gives you all the information needed to create your own beautiful books with minimal effort.

Leather, Paper, even Mother Nature gives you something with to make and wonderful and original construction which can showcase your photographs, hold on to your memories or leave empty and give as an ideal gift.

Easy to follow instructions and inspiring ideas and designs will enable you to learn new skills and develop something exquisite.

I loved the Mason Jar idea, it is quirky and imaginative. Pressed flowers and buttons are all used to encourage and induce individuality and inventiveness.

This is a book of wonder and imagination. It would make a wonderful gift, and I imagine hours of fun for every age group. Even small children with a little help can make their own book of vision.


I decided to make a ‘Junk Journal’ 


I decided my book should be 5 1/2 x 8 inches.

I gathered my papers, both patterned and plain for my pages and cut them to size. I wanted them to be random sizes but made sure they were no larger than my book size..

You need roughly 4 or 5 pages per ‘signature’. A signature is a section a book. These need to be stitched in, so it’s best not to make them to big.

2018-06-09 11.36.48  2018-06-09 11.52.07  2018-06-09 11.56.58


For the cover I cut two pieces of thicker paper 12 x 8. I glued them together (wrong sides together) and ‘scored’ them at 5 1/2 and 6 1/2 inches. This leaves a 1 inch middle for the binding.  Make sure it is completely dry before the next step.

2018-06-09 12.04.08  2018-06-09 12.10.17

2018-06-09 12.10.10


The next step is sewing the ‘Signatures’ into the book.

Mark the spine at 4 points.. 1/8 3/4 5/8 7/8 and the same at the other end. Draw lines down your spine to connect these points.

Down the center of your spine.. mark at 1, 2.5,  4,  5.5,  and 7 inch. At these points on each of the 4 lines you will need to pierce a small hole with a sharp darning needle.

2018-06-09 12.57.44


Now add the pages by marking the center of the ‘signatures’ with the same 1,  2.5,   4,   5.5  and 7 inch marks.

These pages need to stitched in.Starting from the middle hole, match the ‘signatures’ to one per line. I used embroidery thread and a back stitch. Start and finish in the middle of the pages and tie with a tight knot.

2018-06-09 13.31.13  2018-06-09 13.27.25


Once all the ‘signatures are stitched you will have a beautiful hand made notebook.

2018-06-09 13.45.32

This is how your spine will look..

2018-06-09 13.44.59

My finished book..

2018-06-09 13.45.07


Happy crafting x


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Ready to Stitch: Flowers Lesley Taylor

51ri69xf7AL._AC_US218_Pub: Search Press Ltd

This innovative new series provides numerous hand-stitched motifs* for embellishing, upcycling and revamping clothes, accessories and fabric items around the home. Simply choose a design from one of the 32 stitched samplers provided, transfer it to your chosen item using the corresponding iron-on transfer sheet at the back of the book, and add hand stitching following the instructions provided. There are notes on the materials and basic techniques used at the start of the book, and with just ten simple embroidery stitches to choose from, all with clear, step-by-step diagrams, even those new to stitching will be able to tackle all the designs provided. Clear instructions accompany each motif, with information on the DMC thread colours and the embroidery stitches used. Throughout, however, the reader is encouraged to experiment with the designs and interpret them in their own style by using different colours and stitches. In addition, there is a range of inspiring project ideas showing how the designs can be used, making this a must-have resource for sewers of all abilities. This book takes flowers as its theme and contains 74 floral designs that include tulips, daisies, roses, daffodils, pansies and roses in a broad range of styles. So whether you are looking for a small, dainty motif to decorate a child’s dress, or a large, bold flower to add impact to a bag or jacket, you will find a design in this book that matches your item perfectly


This is a fabulous series of books that enables us enjoy embroidering using a simple method of transfer.

74 flowers designs which are just stunning, can be beautifully stitched and the finished results are amazing.

For every lover of embroidery, the projects include cushions, book covers and many more.

The full page glossy photographs show off each design beautifully.  The 32 pages of transfers can be re-used several times and there is an amazing choice of flower, so everyone’s favourite will be available.

I love this book. It is very inspiring, and each design can be decorated however you wish to do so. I love the idea of adding sequins and beads, and even fabric pens to colour them in would look just perfect.

An amazing book for anyone.


I will be using my handmade stitch sampler from the ‘Borders and Motifs’ review to stitch these stunning flowers 

I love the book cover design. It is perfect for a diary or notebook.

2018-06-08 20.35.02

The transfers are stunning, and of different sizes. You can of course trace them onto your fabric if you don’t want to spoil your book.

2018-06-08 20.38.23

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