Stripy Blankets to Crochet Haafner Linssen

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Grab your hook and discover the joy of crocheting stripes with these 20 beautiful stripy blankets inside by Haafner Linssen, author of the bestselling book Mandalas to Crochet Nothing says I love you quite like a handmade blanket, so grab your hook and discover the joy of crocheting stripes in this beautiful book by the author of the bestselling Mandalas to Crochet, Haafner Linssen. Inside, Haafner takes her readers on a journey into the world of crocheting stripes. These patterns are relaxing to create (taking readers into a state of what psychologists call ‘flow’) as they are pleasingly repetitive, can be worked up quickly and don’t have lots of ends to sew in. The patterns for the 20 beautiful stripy blankets vary from simple designs that use only the most basic stitches perfect for an absolute beginner to more complex creations that use special stitches. Furthermore, each project comes with a written pattern, chart, colour advice and instructions for making it in a variety of sizes, ideal for making presents for little ones as well as your grown-up friends and family! You’ll also find all the basic crochet techniques clearly explained if you need to learn or refresh your crochet knowledge.


Crochet is a wonderful peaceful pastime..

and this is the perfect project book to create something snug, warm and beautiful for the colder days ahead.

20 projects include blankets, wall hangings and even dish towels. The Salvador Bedspread, is just amazing,

Each pattern has a pattern chart, colour guide and simple to follow instructions, and each stripey design is stunning.

There are three  skill levels, Easy, Intermediate and Advanced so even the basic crocheter can achieve something wonderful.

Pattern notes and a how to guide is included, which is perfect to remind ourselves of techniques and even a resizing explanation is given, so all the patterns and designs are completely adaptable.

These beautiful blankets would make the ideal gift.  I absolutely love them and cannot wait to get my hooks going.


2018-08-12 10.21.37 The Salvador Bedspread is gorgeous.


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460 Iris Folded Cards to Make: The Complete Iris Folding Compendium Maruscha Gaasenbeek,Tine Beauveser,

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Iris folding is a simple technique that involves folding papers to create beautiful, spiralling patterns that are similar in shape to the iris aperture of a camera. In this book, Maruscha Gaasenbeek and Tine Beauveser share with you their love of iris folding, providing templates and clear instructions for over 460 beautiful greetings cards based on iris-folded designs.


Iris Folding is a beautiful way to create and design cards.

The effect is stunning, just like looking into the center of a camera and with a few neat folds and colourful paper, you can achieve almost any picture.

From starting your project, the design, paper choice and size, triangle circles and squares, and other shapes are formed into a spectacular showpiece.

Instructions that are easy to follow are given in visual and written format and the templates are full sized but can be adapted to each card specification.

You can use scrap pieces of paper, such as newspaper, junk mail etc so no special tools are really required. Even the smallest member of your family can do this craft, I imagine a rainy afternoon of fun and creativity will make everyone happy.

This colourful glossy book is beautifully presented. Complete with techniques, hints and tips it is a good teaching guide and absolutely perfect for any papercrafter.



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SEW … The Garment-Making Book of Knowledge Barbara Emodi

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Experienced sewing instructor and blogger Barbara Emodi shares her sewing wisdom to help readers get started or simply hone their existing garment-sewing skills. Not a sewing reference book as much as a book of experience, this book offers Barbara’s thoughts, tips, and tricks on the benefits of sewing, the importance of fit, basic techniques, available tools, patterns, and materials, and so much more.


It doesn’t matter how good we (think) are at sewing garments books such as this are always good to have at hand.

This is a book that is quite different from many others I have in my sewing room, as it focuses on Fit, Pattern shaping and Alterations. It includes many ‘sewing frustrations’ such as bobbin issues, fabric jamming and gives problem solving techniques to ensure what we sew is both wearable and professionally finished.

I loved the ‘Mini Lessons’ each giving detailed information for a variety of sewing ‘difficulties’.

Sew… The Garment Making Book of Knowledge is superb. It is a invaluable teaching guide and with the colourful illustrations it is easy to understand and with the Sew speak section, it demystifies many sewing terms that many of us have trouble understanding.

Perfect for every sewist, it is like having your very own in house teacher at hand.

Highly recommended and beautifully presented  Sew …The Garment Making Book of Knowledge is a must have.



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Embroidered Woodland Creatures Aimee Ray

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Featuring more than 50 designs adapted from the colouring book, Woodland Creatures, these enchanting nature-based patterns range from complex mandalas to simple critters, like frogs, turtles, deer and owls. These designs are printed on reusable transfer paper – just tear out the pages, iron the pattern onto your fabric and start stitching. Plus, there is a handy pocket envelope in the back of the book to store your cut-out transfers.


I adore embroidery and while I haven’t yet mastered the art to perfection, books such this one are a perfect way to help and guide a beginner to an advanced stitcher. 

50 stunning transfers in a ring binded book are showcased beautifully.

All kinds of woodland animals, such as foxes, owls and hedgehogs, along with pinecones and leaves, are absolutely stunning.

In various sizes and arrangements, I especially loved the mandalas, there is something for everyone.

Each transfer can be used for or five times, so in effect you are getting 250 transfers from this amazing book.  If you do not want to use the transfers as an iron-on, the designs are so beautifully simple they can be traced.

Techniques and a stitch guide are also shown and with drawn diagrams for the visual learner, it is an essential item for your embroidery bookshelf.


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Metamorphosis: A Flora Forager Journal Bridget Beth Collins

417lFnHEyDL._AC_US218_Pub: Sasquatch Books

This beautiful blank journal from Instagram sensation Flora Forager features images of butterflies, moths, caterpillars, chrysalises and cocoons, all created using botanical objects and natural materials. This journal takes on the theme of metamorphosis in the scientific order lepidoptera (butterflies and moths), with beautiful representations of various species. Includes 45 original pieces plus an index of the featured species with their scientific names, information on butterfly conservation, butterfly-friendly plants and more.


This is one beautiful book.

As a crafter, I am always on the lookout for books in which to log my various ideas, tips and techniques and A Flora Forager Journal is an absolute delight.

The dotted pages and the colourful artistry of 24 butterflies and  moths and the flower ‘paintings are very very pretty.

It reminds me of being a modern version, of an old and very famous ‘country ladies diary’ I had back in the 70’s, and it is stunning.

There is a guide to what the names of the creatures are, and how to build a Butterfly garden is informative and helpful.

This would make an ideal gift, and to be honest more than one would never be too many.

Highly recommended.


2018-07-15 07.28.54 The colourful and beautiful images are stunning. 2018-07-15 07.29.02 There are a few full paged images, that

amazingly look 3D.

2018-07-15 07.34.37 The added information of what types of butterflies and moths are both informative and interesting.


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Sew Creative Jennifer Pol Colin

61aLpekyjfL._AC_US218_Pub:  FunStitch Studio

Get kids excited about sewing with projects they will actually want to make; sew a critter coin pouch, chalkboard backpack, mermaid tail blanket, glow-in-the-dark light bulb, donut pillow, traveller neck pillow, dolman T-shirt with lace and embroidery, and more! Each of the 13 projects includes an element of fantasy and can easily be customised with sewing techniques, art supplies, and alternate pattern details. Plus, you can personalise the projects with names, words, signs, mottos, or just an artistic touch!


What a great book this is..

13 projects to sew, embellish and which are easily adapted to suit your style.

Applique, embroidery and even a backpack using blackboard paint can be made by adults and children.

This fun project book comes complete with full sized paper templates. All the projects are gorgeous. They are colourful and definitely something that will be used over and over again.

There are lots of techniques to advance your sewing skills, and what I loved the most was that the author has made the instructions so easy to follow,  this ensures that even a beginner will achieve a project that is usable and beautiful.

Cushions, hats, bags and sweatshirts, are included in sections that are specific to Fashion, On the Go , DIY and much much more.

The Critter Coin Pouch is adorable and I know just the small human that is going to love it.


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Sewing Lampshades Joanna Heptinstall

510lYwBBDRL._AC_US218_Pub: Search Press Ltd

Learn to sew your own stunning lampshades using this comprehensive step-by-step guide from the founder of the Traditional Upholstery School, Joanna Heptinstall. The book contains 18 fully illustrated step-by-step projects, featuring tailored, pleated, faux-pleated and loose-cover designs. Each technique is covered in detail, from measuring your fabric, choosing a frame shape, calculating your seams, creating a shade, adding trims and choosing a stand. The projects require few specialist tools, can be easily customised to suit your home decor, and cover a range of styles, sizes and fabrics. The book is bursting with inspirational images, along with tips and tricks of the trade that Joanna has acquired over her successful career in upholstery.


This beautiful book has 18 tailored lampshades that can be adapted for everyones requirements..

The illustrated designs are ideal for both the visual and written method learner, as the step by step is simple to follow.

From preparing your frame to embellishing your finished shade,  each step is demonstrated and explained in easy terminology.

Every size lamp is catered for,  this is a book that is both inspirational and adaptable. I adored the Silk Box Pleated shade, and this will be the one I start with. I have a tiny shade that needs a re-vamp and this is the most divine design.

Fabric recommendations are given and while I think this is not for a beginner, there is no reason why someone should not just jump in and have a go.

I feel confident I will achieve a professional result, as Joanna Heptinstall has given us personal tuition in the art of shade making.



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