Sew Cute Creatures Mariska Vos-Bolman

51y+wYV+6zL._AC_US218_.jpgPub: Search Press UK

Sew 12 cute and cuddly characters using this fun, colourful book. Choose from Pippa Puppy, Sally Seahorse and Patty Piglet to Miranda Mermaid and Peter Pirate – or make the whole set. Created in an adorable amigurumi style in a gorgeous range of colourful fabrics, these toys would make perfect collectibles as well as cuddly playmates. All the full-size templates are provided in the book, and the instructions are clearly illustrated and easy to follow. The projects are ideal for beginners and can be sewn by machine or by hand.


I just adore this book.

The cute characters are a fabulous size and all are very very cute.  The Instructions for each ‘creature’ are perfectly laid out and easy to understand with the picture demonstrations as well as the clear written guide.

All fabric and tool requirements are listed and the technique pages are filled with fabulous tips and sewing skills.

The full sized pattern pieces are included, although you must add on the seam allowance.

This is a book for beginners and advanced sewists. The designs are easy to put together, and even if it gets a little fiddly, there is no reason that any level of sewist cannot achieve a beautiful and adorable plaything.

The projects can be machine or hand sewn.

These would make stunning gifts for babies and small children, and each project, using your own fabric choices, can be customised for a special birthday or event.

This book is just gorgeous. I highly recommend it and is one I will be using for just about forever.



I decided to make ‘Miranda Mermaid’

2018-02-19 09.54.22


I copied each of the pattern pieces and cut them out.

2018-02-19 09.55.11


I used ‘bondaweb’ to stick the fringe to the head, then zig zagged stitch around the hairline.

2018-02-19 11.42.01


The ‘ponytail’ and the arms are stitched together and stuffed. I used a lightweight pillow stuffing which can be washed if required.

2018-02-19 14.11.05


I cut the eyes and mouth out of felt, and although the pattern said to stitch these on, I used hot glue to stick them. (This will not be given to a small child so I don’t think it matters in this case.)

2018-02-19 13.52.08


I then placed right sides together and stitched around the mermaid. I left gaps for the arms and the ponytail, as these have to be hand sewn on later.

I also stuck her bikini top on the torso, again using hot glue.

2018-02-19 15.10.15


The Mermaid is then stuffed from the back tail seam and this gap is then stitched closed.

2018-02-19 15.25.45

This was a project that took a few hours. I did not have any difficulty in creating her and think she is just adorable.

Happy Sewing x


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Flower Loom Blooms Haafner Linssen

51UToKT5UrL._AC_US218_ Pub: Search Press Ltd

Welcome to the blossoming trend of flower looming! It’s simple, it’s quick, it’s fun, and you can create a wonderful selection of stunning flowers from just a few scraps of yarn.

This book includes detailed instructions for making 30 beautiful flowers, including a chart, written instructions and a large colour photo; plus all the know-how you need to make your own flowers such as yarn and colour selection, and looming and joining techniques. A light-weight, sturdy card loom has also been added to get you started on your loom-making journey.

You can use single flowers as embellishments for a variety of accessories and garments, or join them together to make a wide variety of items: five inspirational projects have been specially designed by Haafner, from an elegant shawl to a gorgeous necklace, all of which are shown and explained in easy to follow step-by-steps.


I haven’t used a hand held loom since my schooldays..

So I was in my element when I saw this book.

It has 30 flower designs and several projects which are simple and beautiful for you to make. Each flower can be used as a decoration by itself or make a few and create a blanket or a cushion.

The colourful floral formations are designed as a single flower or by using more than one loom, they can be built up into a stunning layered bloom.

This is the perfect project book for a beginner. Even an afternoon of fun with your small ones will give an amazing experience.

It is an inspiring book, with a load of ideas to get you started, and all you need is some scrap wool and little bit of time.


I decided to make the ‘Go Wild Flower’..


My Loom was purchased quite cheaply and comes with a needle. The Loom has several elements to use depending on your chosen flower.

2018-01-31 08.54.24  2018-02-02 10.09.16


Choose your yarn and set up your loom. I had to use 3 loom parts in order to get a 3D effect flower.

The yarn is then wound round the pegs, until the effect is achieved.

2018-02-02 10.12.25   2018-02-02 10.33.53


Once finished, the ends are woven around the center of the bloom in order to make it secure.

2018-02-02 10.40.23


The bloom is gently removed from the loom.

2018-02-02 10.44.42

2018-02-02 10.44.55

Happy Looming x

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Amazing Macramé Claire Rougerie

617LoaizQuL._AC_US200_.jpg Pub: Search Press Ltd

Macrame is back with a fresh, new style. Claire Rougerie guides the reader through nine lessons accompanied by easy step-by-step instructions and diagrams. There are twenty-nine original and colorful designs to make including jewelry, bags, accessories and various ideas for embellishing your outfits. The designs are both chic and bohemian combining a retro sixties style with a more modern look


I haven’t attempted to do Macrame since I was at school and made a plant pot holder..

so I am excited and inspired by this beautiful book

I have on order my Macrame cord and cannot wait to get started.

The nine techniques of macrame knots are demonstrated and all the tools needed are listed, but what is special about this wonderful craft book is the projects  themselves.

Starting with a simple Rainbow necklace the step by step instructions are easy to follow and well explained. Something to wear, something to carry and things for the home are beautifully presented with the simplest of skills.

I adore the Seashell necklace the bright vibrant colours are not what you usually think of when you think of macrame.  This would be a fabulous group activity to do with the kids, it really is so much fun.

Amazing Macrame is perfect for both beginners and more established crafters and has brought Macrame bang up to date. It is a modern and the perfect teaching tool for this retro craft.


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Designing Clothes with the Flat Pattern Method Sara Alm

download Pub: Pub: Creative Publishing international

In Sara Alm’s  Designing Clothes with the Flat Pattern Method, sewers learn a technique that opens up myriad possibilities for making one-of-a-kind garments. By using basic pattern blocks called slopers, Alm shows sewers how to design new shapes, style lines, and fashion details–creating patterns for nearly any piece of clothing they want to sew. Take a basic straight skirt pattern, for example, and convert it into any other skirt design. Change the hemline or the basic shape of a skirt from straight to A-line to full swing with multiple gores. Try adjusting the waistline placement or convert it from waistband to waistline-facing. Change the style and placement of the closures. The options are endless once sewers understand the basics of flat-pattern designing, which is explained in the book.

Designing Clothes with the Flat Pattern Method  is divided into sections: skirts, tops, and pants. While many of the same principles apply to each garment type, there are different techniques to take into account. As soon as sewers know how to design from these three slopers, that knowledge is easily transferred to designing dresses, shorts, jumpsuits, and outerwear. The principles and techniques taught are also easily transferable to designing children’s clothes. By following extensive technique instruction in each of the three categories, twelve different garments are designed from each basic sloper and photographed on models so readers fully understand the process and the end result.

Thanks to  Designing Clothes with the Flat Pattern Method, passionate sewers will be as skilled as  Project Runway  contestants in no time!


As a self taught dressmaker, books such as these are an invaluable source of information..

The commercial pattern is one that has been used for decades, and very often with disappointing results concerning fitting.

What this book does is show you how to step up your sewing by giving a master class in shaping, fitting and personalising your pattern for a more bespoke garment.

Every garment is given the Sara Alm treatment. Dresses, trousers and skirt are made and adapted so they fit well and look good.

No pattern is included with this book, but with perfect instructions we are shown how to make a basic pattern, and this can then be adapted, with sleeve, cuff neckline and darts adjustments to make a garment that you can actually wear.

This is a beautiful book. It is photographed and set out extremely well, it is also easy to understand and although you do need a knowledge of sewing and dressmaking, I do think that everyone will learn and improve their dressmaking skills.


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Applique Art: Freehand Machine-Embroidered Pictures Abigail Mill

download   Pub: Search Press Ltd

This much anticipated guide to the work of textile artist Abigail Mill features five beautiful step-by-step projects as well as themed galleries of her contemporary, ethereal artworks. The book touches on Abigail’s inspirations and influences and looks in detail at the elements that bring her work to life: colour, texture, pattern and free machine embroidery techniques. From fraying and layering to free machine embroidery and embellishment, this gorgeous book teaches the reader how to recreate Abigail’s unique, contemporary style, and will inspire them to create wonderful pieces of their own.


This is such a pretty book.

In the introduction the author tells us of her passion for embroidery and in Applique Art, Abigail Mill  inspires us to take it one step further and create beautiful artwork with fabric and a sewing machine.

Her inspiration comes from everyday things, our gardens, the seaside, animals and ‘oh my’ cakes, her work is just divine.

From dying your fabric to stitching and design your pattern, this easy to follow book is stunning. Templates are littered throughout the pages, with quite a few at the back of the book to, and with additional advice such as adding embellishments and padding out the patterns Applique Art really is a little wonder.

Each section tells you what you need and how to accomplish your design to the best possible standard.

I love this book, It’s like having your own personal tutor at your fingertips, and each project is beautifully presented. It would make a wonderful gift, and really is an invaluable lesson in how to create something unique.


2018-02-02 08.28.44 2018-02-02 08.28.51


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Rulerwork Quilting Idea Book Amanda Murphy

51+Zx50FxbL._AC_US218_Pub: C&T Publishing

Quilting rulers have long been used by longarm quilters to make uniform shapes while quilting, but now, with the advent of the domestic ruler foot, domestic quilters can join in on the fun too! Amanda Murphy, best-selling author of the Free-Motion Quilting Idea Book, starts by showing you how to use 6 basic shapes of machine quilting rulers to lay a foundation for your quilting, then moves on to teaching you 59 different designs. Finish up by following Amanda’s suggestions for filling in the background space with free-motion quilting.


If like me you love making quilts but get stuck at the final hurdle then this is the perfect book for you.

I have made several quilts and have always sandwiched them together using a strait stitch or the ‘stitch in the ditch’ method to quilt them together.

Rulerwork gives you 59 outlines and ideas for this purpose. Using just 6 basic quilting rulers, you can now quilt with straight lines, squiggles and circles which give your quilts a beautiful and professional looking finish.

There are many techniques and what is brilliant about this reference and teaching guide is that all the tips and advice given, can all be achieved using a domestic sewing machine. All that is needed is a quilting ruler and a quilting foot.

The patterns and designs shown are demonstrated using easy to understand diagrams and simple written instructions.

I love the designs and I am sure with a lot of practice and the help given in this marvellous book my next project will have a a more professional look and finish.

Rulerwork is a spiral bound book that will lie flat while in use and is a compact size that is perfect for taking with you to your classes.


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Creative Batik Rosi Robinson

61+afGx9FgL._AC_US218_Pub: Search Press UK

Rosi Robinson shows how to create beautiful batik designs and pictures, teaching all the techniques required through 9 step-by-step projects. From making simple marks and drawing with wax to dipping and painting with dyes, etching, cracking, discharging and more, this book contains all you need to create beautiful batik. A history of batik sets the scene and then there is detailed advice on all the materials and preparations required. There is artistic advice on using colour and on how to use hard wax, stamps, brushes and cantings (tjantings) through a series of appealing projects. Skills are built with each project and all templates are provided. A gallery of beautiful batik artworks provides inspiration for beginners and experienced artists alike.


The joy of this book lies in the techniques and the colour of the work displayed.

Traditional and Modern methods are explained and the simplicity of the craft is quite fascinating, due the beautiful effects of the fabric.

The nine projects from cushion covers and scarves to a wonderful lampshade just shows that the possibilities are endless. I love the stamp demonstration and this is something I am going to try.

 There are a lot of suggestions for the items needed but in fact a fabulous result can be achieved just by using a candle. This means that anyone can try this technique,  from beginners to advanced Batik crafters, there really is something for everyone.

Creative Batik has an extensive range of knowledge, tips and even a history of the craft, this book will get your creative juices flowing and the inspiration within the pages is divine.


These are just two of the beautiful projects shown..

2018-01-29 08.26.10 2018-01-29 08.26.21


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