7 interesting things about me

1. I love crafts. I love knitting, sewing, crochet, cardmaking and cross stitch. I can be found doing at least one of them everyday. I love Pinterest for ideas and new things to do and have boards of things to try and places to go.

2. I drowned as a child. My brother Steven had birthday money and paid for me to go swimming with him to the local baths . He was a bit late getting changed so I went into the water and got out of my depth. I went under and couldn’t swim very well, one of the life-guards had to jump in and save me. I have been terrified of water ever since and cannot watch underwater films on TV without feeling as though I am drowning.

3. I love the color pink, although I do not have everything in this color. I have pencils and a few dresses, notebooks and handbags and even a few pairs of shoes. When I was 12 I ran away from home, I was gone for a week and the thing that got me ‘caught’ was my pink shoes.

4. I adore ballet..

5. My favorite place in the whole world is Gozo, it is an island off Malta and is known as Malta’s sister island.I have been 13 times and would move there if I could. The bread is the best tasting bread in the world. The people are friendly and the beaches are beautiful. It is not a place to be busy, it is quiet and restful.

6. I met my husband in an online chat room..

7. I love cats, from small house cats to big tigers, they all have individual personalities and traits..

8 thoughts on “7 interesting things about me

  1. I love crafts too! We have craft parties a lot. You would think I get enough crafts with Brownies, but no, there is always time for more.

    I’ve never been to Gozo but I loved Malta. There were so many churches. It brought back all my memories from convent school 🙂

    If you ever want fresh eyes to look at your book, just let me know. Good luck!


  2. What interesting facts about you. I have to agree with you about Gozo. We have a timeshare in Bugibba in Malta and always try to get over to Gozo when we’re there. I wrote a couple of posts about the island last year. I can also identify with your love of knitting. I’ve loved it since I was a child – and that’s sixty years ago. I knitted with a passion when our children were all little.
    I hope you manage to write your books one day. Writing is wonderful – even blogging. Best wishes with it. Millie.


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