Crewel Embroidery: 7 enchanting designs inspired by fairy tales Tatiana Popova

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A magical collection of modern crewelwork embroidery designs inspired by fairy tales.

In this beautiful book, Tatiana Popova shows the reader how to create stunning crewelwork embroideries inspired by traditional fairy tales, including The Wizard of Oz, Karolcia, the Wild Swans and Cinderella.

This magical collection takes as its central theme a magnificent embroidery depicting the Tree of Happiness. Each part of the embroidery is then explored in detail through stitch diagrams, explanations of the threads used, and alternative ways of working. There are seven wonderful designs in total, each dedicated to one of Tatiana’s favourite fairy tales, and all illustrated with gorgeous photographs and informative diagrams.

Over 90 stitches are described in the book, all worked using stranded cotton and cotton pearl thread rather than traditional crewel wool, which gives the embroideries a fresh, modern appeal. Whether you are new to embroidery or an experienced embroiderer looking for inspiration and expert guidance, Tatiana’s beautiful book is one you will turn to again and again.

My review

This  is a book filled with stunning crewel work embroidery.

The designs are inspired by the fairy tales we all love and each design is accompanied with the story which brings each piece to life.

Tatiana Popova is a major craftswoman in her art, and what she does is beautiful. She not only demonstrates the techniques of crewel, she simplifies and breakdown each design into small achievable parts.

Diagrams, stitches and an array of colourful glossy photographs showcase the threadwork, many of them have a 3D effect so it is easy to see each stage. These stages are divided into ‘ zones’ which make it simple to understand.

A lot of useful information is included and there is a conversion guide for various threads.

Highly recommended







About the Author

Tatiana Popova is a Ukrainian embroiderer. She learnt to stitch at an early age, inspired by her mother and grandmother’s embroidery, and for a time she pursued her passion for stitching by studying a huge variety of embroidery styles and techniques, both at school and in her own time. Tatiana studied Floristry Design at university, but soon after graduating she discovered the world of embroidery. She started her own business, Little Owl Smart Crafts Company, producing kits for silk ribbon and crewel embroidery. Tatiana participates in a number of craft shows all around the world, including the UK, USA and Japan, and annually teaches at the Bead & Button Show in the USA.



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