How to Make Cloth Dolls. Jan Horrox

download Pub: Search Press

Containing 6 wonderful step-by-step projects and ideas for many more, this highly practical guide is aimed at those who are new to doll making, as well as more experienced needlecrafters. It contains the best of Jan Horrox’s previous titles: Introduction to Making Cloth Dolls and Making Fantasy Cloth Dolls.

Jan’s beautiful dolls are exquisitely made, yet by breaking the process down into easy-to-follow steps, they become surprisingly easy to achieve. Full of character and life, Jan’s dolls are made using a wide range of colourful fabrics, trims, ribbons and buttons and are ideal for using up scraps and oddments of materials.

There are clear, step-by-step instructions for making hands and feet, making hair, and needlesculpting and painting the exquisite faces to really bring the dolls to life. There are also instructions for making webbed fingers and delicate fairy wings as well as a mermaid’s tail. Full-size templates for all the body pieces are supplied at the back of the book.

With 6 projects to choose from, including fairies, wood nymphs, mermaids, witches and a steampunk doll, this book provides all the means and inspiration you need to make your own gorgeous dolls.


My review

Jan Horrox is a well known and very talented doll making and with this book, she introduces us to the world of making beautiful and unique cloth dolls.

This is a compilation  of Jan’s original two books, the first now out of print. The projects in this book are duplicates of those in the two books.

The beauty and wonder of these dolls are exquisite and absolutely fascinating to look at.

Each doll comes with a full sized template and step by step instructions. Each technique is brought to life with wonderful photography and written instructions.

While I am by no means as good as Jan at making these dolls I was really pleased with my efforts. Making the dolls is no a quick process, to get a good result you have to go slow and think about each step, but with Jan’s tuition and with practice the dolls are achieveable.

I loved the expressions on the dolls faces, and their names add to the fantasy look of each creation.

This is quite a special craft, I adore each design and I’m sure every sewist would love to have a go.. Even if it’s not perfect right away.



I decided to make Nerissa, she is a beautiful mermaid complete with webbed hands.


IMG_20200124_130910_hdr First I photocopied the templates.


IMG_20200124_153046_hdr I followed the instructions to make her head.The pins denote her facial features. Her nose, when stitched,  gives a 3D effect.

IMG_20200125_115351_hdr The details of each doll is exquisite. Here she has webbed fingers.

IMG_20200128_182348_hdr When put together Nerissa really does come alive. I loved her fish tail.

Making these dolls is not a quick project. Not being a doll maker I didn’t want to rush and make mistakes, so this is as far as I have got for this review. I will post a final picture when she is complete.




About the Author

Jan Horrox s career began in 1973 when she gained a Diploma in Fashion/Textile Design from North East London Polytechnic (now the University of East London). She went on to establish her own range of fashion knitwear, which she designed and manufactured supplying to high-end stores as well as independent retailers in the US, UK and Japan. Jan has taught knitwear and textiles part-time at various colleges in the UK.

In 2004 she founded Jan Horrox Cloth Dolls, and currently supplies cloth doll requirements, patterns and workshops as well as blog tutorials and advice from her website Jan s work is exhibited throughout the UK, where she lives and works between London and Glastonbury.


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