Needle Lace Techniques for Hand Embroidery Hazel Blomkamp


download Pub: Search Press



Working from the Encyclopedia of Needlework by T.H. de Dillmont, originally published in the late 19th century, Hazel Blomkamp has compiled all of the key needle lace embroidery techniques into one handy and portable stitch book.

The book begins with a basic guide to needle lace techniques, based on several stitches Dillmon used which Hazel has broken down into easy steps. Over 40 needle lace stitches are then described, each with a clear diagram and step-by-step instructions. All have been detailed on one side of the page only, allowing the reader to place a magnetic cross-stitch board underneath. They can then use the magnetic rulers that come with the board to mark the row that they are working on, making the instructions easier to follow. The book is wire-bound, allowing the pages to lie flat while you work, and the book’s notebook-size fits perfectly in a workbag for easy transportation while stitching on the go.

With all the stitches needed for needle lace hand embroidery at their fingertips, both new and experienced embroiderers will find inspiration from this invaluable resource.


My review 

This book is perfect for practicing needlework stitches.

Each page is dedicated to a specific stitch with a drawn diagram that is easy to follow. The author has gone to great lengths in order to give clear instructions, hints and tips so that any stitched can master the craft.

From basic backstitch to filler stitches, there is something that will outline and decorate your chosen project.

While there are no specific projects in this book, as a hand sewist I found this book extremely helpful. If you enjoy any kind of embroidery this book is invaluable for learning and advancing your skills.

I loved the coiled spine which enables the book to lie flat and I am hoping that there will be a second book out soon.






But the book..







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