Free-Motion Quilting 101 Ashley Nickels

911LGUn73LL._AC_UL320_ML3_.jpg  Pub: Taunton Press Inc

Quilters want to finish their quilts–and that means doing their own machine quilting. In Free-Motion Quilting 101, teacher and quilter Ashley Nickels provides in-depth instruction on learning the technique of free-motion quilting, combined with simple small projects that reinforce the technique. Quilters will have fun while learning the necessary steps to complete a quilting project. Free-Motion Quilting 101 is divided into three parts–workbook-style practice; project session and in-depth reference for finishing a quilt 15 foundational designs 3 simple projects and 1 larger project that is a culmination of the techniques learned in the book Free-Motion Quilting 101 is squarely on mastering the technique on a regular home sewing machine and will be the book new quilters pick up first to learn how to free-motion quilt successfully.


My review 

I love free motion quilting. I love the way even an error can make your quilting design unique and personal.

This book will make sure that you do not make such mistakes. It guides you through every process and even includes practice sheets to get your pattern just perfect.

Set out in three parts Ashley Nickels gives great advice on design, she teaches the best stitch techniques and helps with inspiration and more importantly, helps you to gain confidence in your ability

From start to finish, this book will teach you how to get a superior finish to your quilt and you will gain advanced knowledge and the end result will give you a professional and a beautiful design.




About the Author

Ashley Nickels is a writer, teacher, and quilter in San Francisco, California. She grew up surrounded by quilters and makers (her mom, Sue, is a professional quilter)–making her first nine-patch at age eight–and was designing her own bags by high school. Ashley spent the first thirteen years of her career as a classroom teacher in Spain and San Francisco, teaching both English and Spanish literature and language. She is now fully immersed in the creative community, teaching in-person and online classes, and writing.


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