Worn and Wild Kerry Lucas

71HCX-iTn+L._AC_UL320_ML3_.jpg Pub: Beercott Books

Worn and Wild is filled with amazing vintage inspired gifts for you to make and share with family and friends. With a mix of crafts including knitting, crochet and cooking, there is something for everyone from the beginner to the more experienced.

The range of gifts include:

  • Knitted child’s tank top
  • Crochet face Scrubbies
  • Felted Elephant
  • Plum chutney
  • Beggars Shortbread
  • Knitted Christmas decorations
  • Crocheted mice


My review 

I have been looking forward to Kerry Lucas’ new book as I really loved A year in Woolly Wonders and A Woollyful Christmas 

Worn and Wild has been set in seasons. Each season has an array of vintage gift ideas and  amazing recipes.

I loved the organic feel and look with this book. The pages have a recycled feel and the type faced print adds homemade chic. The photography is perfectly shot and with the added personal details, the beauty is in the simplicity of each project.

The recipes are warm and comforting, Easter Rocky Road, Shortbread and Chutney are definitely going to be favorites in my house and the crocheted and knitted animals are just way too cute not to make.

There are things to be worn, eaten, drunk and given, which makes this a perfect ideas book for crafters of all skill levels. The techniques and instructions are easy to follow and with added hints and tips, even a beginner can make something incredible.

This book would make a perfect gift, and I for one highly recommend it




About the Author

Kerry’s love of crafting started when she was young, spending hours learning to knit with her nan. At the same time she developed a love of the countryside and all the wonderful creatures that inhabit it. Growing up she spent many hours walking through woodland in both Germany and the beautiful Shropshire countryside. Kerry has combined her love of knitting and the countryside to create the patterns for her wonderful woodland creature keepsakes. As well as writing the patterns, Kerry makes the creatures to sell both on-line and at craft fairs, as well as using them as the basis for the designs on a collection of greetings cards and postcards.



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