The Build a Bag Book: Satchels Debbie Shore

81RzBpHHblL._AC_UY218_ML3_ Pub: Search Press

The 15 designs are created using the full-size rigid template contained within the book. It is easy-to-use, durable, reusable, wipe-clean and perfect for fussy cutting, plus it is simple to position and use there is no need to pin it.

The satchels are made using different techniques, pockets, straps and fastenings to create 15 very different results. But why stop there? The template can also be used for your own design variations. As you mix and match the techniques covered within the book, Debbie gives advice on how to adapt and create your own unique designs.

Each project in the book is explained using Debbie s friendly style and easy-to-follow step-by-step photography, and there is also a comprehensive techniques section and a guide to using the template.

My review 

The wonderful Debbie Shore is back with her ingenius Build a Bag series.

Satchels is just as brilliant as the other pattern books, and once again with a reusable template and 15 designs, this is a book that is highly recommended.

I love Debbie Shore designs,simple because they are easy to make, with instructions that are simple to follow, but the finished design always looks professional and not handmade at all.

With handy hints and tips, this book is just like a private lesson with the lady herself. She has made this series easy for beginners and technical enough for advanced sewists.

Recommend fabrics are given, how to attach hardware and the ‘Oops’ page gives advice on what to do when things don’t quite turn out right.

The pattern templates are amazing. The pattern gives an image where each piece needed is highlighted. This makes your sewing a stress free experience. The language used in describing the patterns are jargon free and each step by step is numbered and once again includes a visual image.

Recommended for every stitcher and I for one will use mine again and again.



I made the Zipped Bag ..

Choosing fabric is always the best part for me, and like Debbie I chose two contrasting fabrics.


I cut out my pieces and marked them for reference.

Following instructions I stitched my bag inner.

For my outer bag, I used a thin wadding. Debbie suggests a fusible fleece which I did not have. This did not spoil the finished effect of my bag. Next was to attach the handle and I used some webbing.

Place your inner inside the outer piece and pin.

The edge of the bag is finished with some binding. I used some darker fabric for effect.

I took about 3 hours of sewing to make my bag and I really love it. It will be a gift for a friend.




About the Author

Debbie Shore is a bestselling and award-winning author and all-round sewing superstar. She began her career as a children’s television presenter and since then has appeared regularly as an actress in various popular dramas and as a presenter on shopping channels. Debbie has also hosted live fashion shows for a major clothing brand, developed her own range of fabrics and writes for several popular sewing magazines. Debbie has written over 20 books for Search Press with several more underway. In 2018, Debbie launched her Half Yard Sewing Club, a monthly subscription service based on the megaselling Half Yard™ series, and won the 2019 IPG Digital Publishing Award.

Debbie lives in Lincolnshire.



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