The Big Book of Dressing Up Laura Minter and Tia Williams

71-0JYHwqhL._AC_UY218_ML3_ Pub: GMC Publications

For those days when you want to explore your inner pirate, princess, superhero, astronaut, knight or even dinosaur, this book has the answer. Simply grab some readily available craft items and you’ll soon be stepping out in dressing-up creations including dinosaur paws, astronaut’s helmet, knight’s tabard, superhero mask, buccaneer boots and ice princess tutu. These exciting projects will get children cutting, sticking, sewing and painting in no time and then there’s even more fun to be had wearing the projects afterwards. Plus the good news is grown-ups need little or no crafting experience to help!

My review 

This is a fun book.

Dressing up is a big thing for children and this is a pattern and ideas book filled with brilliant and amazing designs.

Fabric, boxes, card, glue and everything else can be turned into something magical to make and enjoy.

There are templates included, but disappointingly, these need to be photocopied and enlarged. ( I love full sized templates and pattern pieces as I am not good with printers)

The designs come with full step by step instructions with colourful bright photographic pictures. They are perfectly showcased so your child can help create something amazing.

Superheroes, Pirates for boys and girls are just a couple of the ideas.

I loved this book. It is one that encourages playtime and really does invite you to add your own individual and unique creative style to your project.





About the Author

Laura Minter and Tia Williams started Little Button Diaries, their crafting and baking blog, in 2013 to show that having children doesn’t mean you have to stop doing the things you love. They have won various awards and are based in Brighton, Sussex, UK.



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