The Address Fiona Davis

81w9KZlgPtL._AC_UY218_ML3_ Pub: Dutton

Sara, a servant in 1884 is given the opportunity to move to America and manage the grand New York apartment house, The Dakota. It offers her a world of possibility, including being close to the Dakota’s famous architect, Theo. A hundred years later in 1984, interior designer Bailey is fresh out of rehab and is tasked with helping her cousin redesign her apartment in the famous Dakota. Once there, Bailey learns all about the building’s history, including its architect Theo, and the mad woman named Sara who stabbed him to death.

My review

What an absolutely fabulous book this was.

I loved Sara’s story, I got totally lost in the romance, the sadness and the story of the Dakota building.

While working at The Langham Hotel in 1885, Sara saves the daughter of Architect Theo Camden from falling from a window to certain death. As a thank you Theo gives her the opportunity to travel to New York to be charged with the running of his new building and it’s tenants. This is a chance for Sara to ‘better’ herself and start a new life.

Sara becomes close to the Camden family, and when she becomes pregnant her life really does change….

Forward to 1985, Bailey is in recovery fresh out of rehab. Her cousin, Melinda, gives her a place to stay in her Dakota apartment. Bailey and Melinda are relative of the architect, Theo Camden and while refurbishing the apartment Bailey comes across relics from the past that changes her life forever.

Both women have an incredible part in this tale. I just adored Sara, she has a grit about her and her story is quite horrific.

The twist is amazing and I couldn’t help but be amazed of the thing that Sara does for love. It really is quite  surprise.

The Address is superbly told, the writing is exquisite. It is one of those books that I will always remember and recommend to lovers of Historical fiction.





Buy the book..

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