Teneriffe Lace Gina Barrett

2019-11-03 12.38.13

As an avid crafter I love trying new crafts and learning new skills.

I have been trying to get the hang of Bobbin Tatting, but to be honest, my fingers just will not do what they are supposed to do!

I have been a fan of  Gina Barrett for such a long time, and her skills are just amazing.

She tends to bring to the craft table,  the lost arts and crafts of an age gone gone by

Teneriffe Lace is so so pretty, and to see her demonstrate on the TV channel Hochanda, where she is a regular guest, is fabulous, she explains the craft, it’s uses and adds very interesting historical facts. It is both interesting and fascinating.

I bought two kits,  Black Lace Starter Kit and the Micro Loom Kit.

So what do you get in each kit..

Each kit comes with everything you need to get started.

The Micro Loom Kit has .. 3 acrylic micro looms, a circle, a square and a hexagon. Also included is, holding thread, lace thread, 2 x needles, pattern key, patterns and of course full instructions.

2019-11-03 12.39.45

The Black Lace Starter Kit has, 2 white acrylic looms #1 and #3,  lace thread, a tapestry needle, a weaving needle, holding thread and again full instructions.

I really loved the Micro Loom Kit, and this was what I started with.

The tiny looms have a coating on the back this needs to be taken off.

Using the straight needle and thread I added some holding stitches.

Using the curved needle, thread the lace thread through the holding stitches. This reminded of string art, as it was basically the same spiral technique.

Using the weaving and knot instructions. this tiny lace son took shape.

This was my end result. I loved the delicacy of my design.

This can be stitched to  fabric button or make a few and use a few of them stitched together to edge an handkerchief!

2019-11-03 14.13.19 2019-11-04 07.26.40.jpg 2019-11-04 08.23.08

Of course they are not quite perfect as this was my first try at Teneriffe lace but I did find it easy to do. It is also very relaxing and mindful. It is a craft you can do ‘on the move’ as there are few things you need.

I think I have a new obsession!!

Happy crafting x






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