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51PygwAFFiL._AC_UY218_ML3_ Pub: Inspirations Studio

Worked in counted thread techniques using hand-dyed silk threads, each etui is adorned with exquisite motifs based on themes including antique toys, Elizabethan caskets, pioneer samplers and beloved fruits and flowers. Betsy has designed a charming selection of small projects to match each etui including scissor sheaths and fobs, thread winders, needlebooks, pincushions and thimble cases. Eight captivating etuis with coordinating accessories are included, along with colour charts to guide every stitch. Detailed instructions are provided for every step from stitching to construction.


My review 

This is a beautiful beautiful book. I just adored it as soon as I set eyes on it and I am sure lovers of embroidery will love it as much as I do.

An etui is ‘a small ornamental case for holding needles, cosmetics, and other articles.’. They are absolutely exquisite and Betsy Morgan  is brilliant at her craft.

Photographed in full colour, you cannot help but be amazed at how delicate and stunning these little cases are, and the accessories are just as amazing.

Button boxes, needle cases and so much more are showcased and easy to follow instructions are given in visual and written format.

Using the finest silks and counted linen, each piece on it’s own is beautiful, but when put together with the added accessories, I can see many an embroiderer wanting to make them over and over again.

Given as gifts they would surprise and delight, but of course I want to keep some for myself. I made a button box in a few days, and cannot wait to get started on my next piece.




Although the recommended fabric is 32 count linen. I did not have any in my stash of fabric. I do have some on order, but in the meantime I could not wait to get started on one of these exquisite pieces. So….. I used 14 count aida, a staple in every cross stictchers collection.

I made the ‘Button Box’ that accompanies the ‘Toy Chest’ Etui.

I used the same amount of stitches that are used in the pattern, but obviously my finished piece is bigger than the piece in the book.


As you can see, the pictures are beautiful and easy to follow.

I stitched my outline using a big cross stitch. the four sections are the box and the separate one is for the lid. I found this quite simple, but as I am not using the correct fabric I did have to think about my stitch size.


I cut around my fabric and made a thin card insert, this is to stiffen the box. I glued the edges of the box to the card and held it in place with pegs. I also placed some wadding in the lid and the bottom of my box pieces.


I then stitched up the sides of the box and added the lid. I used a handmade button from own collection to finish it off.. I am pleased with how it turned out and it just shows how well the author has created her designs. I love that I can use different fabrics and still get a good result.



happy crafting x






About the Author

With a rich history forged with needle and thread, Inspirations publishes the world s most beautiful needlework books and magazines.


Buy the book..



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