The Human Thread: Photography of Joe Coca

71b0IDNIjML._AC_UY218_ML3_ Pub:  Thrums, LLC

The Human Thread is a celebration of outstanding photography. Over 100 images represent photographer Joe Coca’s remarkable work, spanning forty years and five continents. Through evocative images, insightful descriptions, and companion personal stories, he guides us on a global journey, weaving together place, people, craft, and story with the human thread that connects us all.

Each section of the book features an array of remarkable photographs that shows a region’s people–most often portraits of artisans working in ancient traditions–as well as surprising glimpses of culture and environment. From a high altitude soccer match in Peru to silk weavers in Laos, exotic locales are made personal through intimate portraits, the work of hands, and everyday life captured, not by an observer, but by a participant, a fellow companion on the journey.


My review 

This is a wonderful book, filled with stunning photographs by award winning Joe Coca.

From Peru to Guatamala, Joe Coca takes us on a journey to discover the many crafts and traditions of indigenous and interesting people.

Each picture tells a story, I loved the first tale of the shaman who gave Joe a ‘concoction of herbs’ after which Joe spent an evening hallucinating in the Amazon jungle.

The stories bring the photographs to life and add the vibrancy to the people, Joe is a master of his art, but it is the people he meets, and the world around them, that makes him brilliant.

Spinning, weaving, embroider and so much more are included, but believe me, their art is like nothing you have ever seen before.

This is a fabulous book, interesting to read and as we get to know the people Joe meets we also get an appreciation of what they do and how they live.







About the Author

Joe Coca grew up in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of southern Colorado. After graduating from Colorado State University, he studied photography at Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles. For 40 years he maintained a studio in Fort Collins, Colorado, but his work has taken him to cities and rural areas of five continents. He has photographed people from all walks of life, landscape, architecture, food, and especially handcrafted textiles. Coca has won numerous awards for his photography. He lives with his wife and two dogs in Weston, Colorado.

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