Debbie Shore Sewing Patterns Debbie Shore

Pub: Half Yard Sewing Club

These beautiful bags have been designed alongside Bosal Foam pre-cut shapes, so sewing is as easy as it can possibly be! Each pattern pack contains full-size pattern sheets, an 8-page step-by-step instruction booklet, and a unique link to a downloadable video tutorial on how to make the bag.


My review 

‘These Bag patterns are sold individually’

What I love about Debbie Shore is that she is brilliant at bringing us easy patterns that look amazing when finished and oh sew professionally made.

Even is you are an absolute beginner, these bag patterns are something you canmake in just a few  hours.

A full sized pattern sheet is included, I photocopied mine, and a booklet with everything you need, sizes and a written and visual step by step will ensure you do not make any mistakes.

Debbie has included a video tutorial with these patterns, so what is doing is holding your hand and guiding you though each step, with simple sewing language and  lot of enthusiasm.  She really does want to know everything she knows and to create something wonderful, useful and completely usable.

These bags are made with Bosal foam stabaliser. this gives your bag shape and is easy to use.

I adored these patterns. Debbie is a genius at coming up with new trends and fabulous ideas. And this product is definitely one I would highly recommend.


I made the Elizabeth Bag. 

I photocopied my pattern, and cut my pieces from my chosen fabric.  Press each piece to get a crisp finish.

2019-08-08-14.10.20.jpg  2019-08-08 14.11.09 2019-08-08 15.28.44


I did not have  any Bosal Stabiliser . So I used a normal fusible stabiliser.  I pressed this onto my fabric with a hot iron.

I attached my plain piece to my patterned piece using my overlocker. This gives it a bit more strength, but don’t worry if you dont have one!!  A normal sewing machine is quite sufficient.


The next step was the bag flap.  I stitched around the flap..right sides together, and cut around the piece with my zig zag scissors close to my stitching, This helps the flap lie flat when turned the right way.

I rolled the edges to get them to look flat and even and pressed the flap. This is then stitched to the back piece of the bag.


The sides and bottom edge are stitched together and then the sides edges are stitched to make a boxed bottom. 

Ensure your side edges line up and match if you are using two fabrics.


The next step is your lining and this is just stitching it together in the same manner as the outer bag, REMEMBER to leave a gap in the bottom part for turning your bag in the right way.

2019-08-08 16.30.51.jpg

Pin the handles to the bag and place the bag inside the lining right sides together. Stitch around the top of the bag.

Pull the bag through the gap, press and stitch up the gap. Add a snap fastener or a magnetic fastener to your bag flap.

2019-08-08 17.21.50.jpg

This bag took approx 2 hours and was fun to make. I hope you like it!

Happy sewing x

About the Author

Debbie Shore is a bestselling and award-winning author and sewing superstar. She began her career as a children’s television presenter and since then has appeared regularly as an actress in various popular drama and a presenter on shopping channels. Debbie has also hosted live fashion shows for a major clothing brand, developed her own range of fabrics and writes for several popular sewing magazines. Debbie has written over 20 books for Search Press with several more underway. Debbie launched her new Half Yard Sewing Club, a new monthly subscription service based on the mega selling Half Yard™ series.

Debbie lives in Lincolnshire.


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