Patternmaking for a Perfect Fit Steffani Lincecum

91Jh8QA3j9L._AC_UL436_ (1).jpg Pub: Watson-Guptill

For sewers who want to use their basic skills to re-create and update their favourite skirts, blouses and handbags in new fabrics and/or to incorporate new details. In Pattern making for a Perfect Fit, costume designer, pattern maker and teacher Steffani Lincecum reveals the secrets of the rub-off, a technique used by fashion and costume industry professionals, but is little known outside these industries, to create patterns from existing garments.


My review 

Using your own clothes this book teaches you how to make a superb pattern that fits you perfectly.

How many times have we all bought clothes only to find that in certain places they are too long, too tight or just not quite right.

This book enables, even a beginner to be able to make a garment that is wearable and suited to your body shape. Not only that, you can then reuse your pattern pieces to make several of your favourite garments in all of your favourite colours.

It is a book filled with expert knowledge, and while you will have to remember that you have a different style to the garments shown, it is a good teaching manual.

Facings, sleeves, hems and much much more are given a face lift, and with handy hints and tricks, you will soon have a custom made garment that flatters and fits.



About the Author

Steffani Lincecum is a designer and instructor with twenty years of professional pattern making and sewing experience in film, television and theatre. Steffani’s reputation as a meticulous pattern maker afforded her the opportunity to work with some of Hollywood’s hottest and most highly acclaimed costume designers, including Lori Eskowitz-Carter (Will & Grace, Good Morning Miami), Mark Bridges (Indictment, Nixon) and the late Richard Hornung. She has created custom-made clothing and accessories for Madonna and Bridget Fonda. This is her first book.






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