Beautiful Beadwork from Nature Melissa Shippee



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Drawing from the shapes, colours and beauty of the natural world, award-winning beaded jewellery designer, Melissa Grakowsky Shippee, has created a breathtaking collection of necklaces, bracelets and small accessories. From delicate earrings made of graceful beaded flowers to a show-stopping crystal-fringe necklace inspired by ancient stalactites, readers will weave dazzling works of art that they can wear to the office or during a glamorous evening out. Each striking project includes detailed step-by-step illustrations and makes use of popular materials such as seed beads, crystals and Czech glass beads. An illustrated basics section provides a refresher of essential bead-weaving techniques ranging from right-angle weave to the herringbone stitch. A gallery of works from other top artists will offer additional inspiration.

My review  

Inspired by nature this book is filled with beautiful jewellery designs.

They are placed as four difficulty levels so there is something that even beginners can do.

Each project has a visual and written description, and also has a diagram to follow in stringing the beads.

The designs are stunning, necklaces, anklets and earrings are perfect for every occasion. I especially loved the hair pieces and one of these will be my first make once my beads arrive.

The photography is stunning and showcases each piece perfectly. The gallery at the back of the book is well worth a look, it is both stunning and inspiring.

Th information included tells you how to measure your chosen piece, and also gives a dedicated section on the stitches you need to learn. These are easy to follow and with a little practice is easy to accomplish.


This beautiful anklet is just one of the designs and you can see how easy the diagrams are to follow.



About the Author

Melissa Shippee is a jewellery and accessory designer. Her beaded jewellery has won numerous awards and been featured in leading beading magazines, including on the covers of Beadwork and Bead & Button. In 2017, she was named as one of Beadwork magazine’s designers of the year. Melissa teaches workshops nationally and internationally, including at the Bead&Button Show and Bead Fest, and she sells kits featuring her beadwork designs on her website. She is the author of I Can Herringbone and was a contributor of Beading All Stars, 500 Necklaces, and 1,000 Beads.





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