Design-It-Yourself Clothes Cal Patch

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Many modern sewers are looking to draft their own patterns – but the only books that teach the skill are dry and outdated. Design-It-Yourself Clothes is a comprehensive guide to pattern drafting from concept to execution by Cal Patch, a fashion designer with a modern aesthetic. Cal offers 5 key projects, each with 4 variations. She covers how to measure your body and draft a perfect-fitting skirt, T-shirt, button-down shirt, dress and trousers. Insider tips, explanations and exercises are sprinkled throughout, plus readers are shown how to create patterns from the clothes already in their wardrobes – without ripping out a single seam!


My review 

This book is not for the faint is NOT a pattern book.

What it is, is a brilliant and informative guide in how to create your own patterns to make your own designs and creations.

It is just like having a one to one dressmaking lesson in your own home all for the price of one book.

You will learn how to draft, fit and customise patterns for your size and shape that will fit perfectly every time. Included are Dresses, Skirts, t’shirts, Blouses and Trousers, and you will learn the basic’s of pattern making to the more advanced aspects of making a piece of clothing,, everything is included from start to finish.

The designs shown are simple, but they can be made to be more trendy, dressy, and most of all they will be made to suit you.

This is a book to sit with, to read and make notes and even study at length before you even pick up your needle and thread.

Design it Yourself Clothes takes you on the next step of your stitching journey and you will probably never need a commercial pattern ever again.



About the Author

Cal Patch designed clothing and accessories for Urban Outfitters for almost a decade before striking out on her own clothing line. She currently teaches sewing and patternmaking around New York.





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