20 to Knit: Pocket Pets Sachiyo Ishii

91acaWzrWRL._AC_UL436_ Pub: Search Press

20 patterns for gorgeous, quick and easy cute pocket pets in fleecy yarn.

Make your own collection of irresistibly cute knitted animals in soft, fleecy yarn. This gorgeous knitting book for knitters of all abilities by Sachiyo Ishii contains 20 lovely projects including a baby penguin, a koala bear, a guinea pig and a squirrel. All the projects are accompanied by clear, easy-to-follow patterns and photography. There is a useful page of basic techniques at the start of the book, including making up, stuffing, and simple, decorative surface stitching.


My Review 

These wonderful project books are just crammed with projects that any animal fan will love.

Cats, Chicks, Fox, and a fabulous Otter are just some of the creations designed by the brilliant Sachiyo Ishii 

The amount of information that comes with the book is amazing and ensures that any knitter, no matter what your ability will be able to make any project from this book.

I loved them all, although being a cat fan that had to be my first project.

The designs are small, standing just 6in tall, depending on the pet, and the best thing is, that you can use your scrap stash to make them. They all use just a small amount of yarn.

With full instructions and a complete abbreviation guide, Pocket Pets is set out perfectly. There are descriptions for adding beads, embroidery ideas and more than a few techniques to get the best from your knitting.

This is a wonderful book. I absolutely adored it.

The designs are photographed beautifully and it is a fabulous addition to the  20 to Make Series…. why not collect them all!!! 



Of course I had to make the ‘Fat Cat’ for my demo..


The projects are a perfect size and I completed my ‘Fat Cat’ in about an hour.

There are 5 pieces to knit to make up my cat, the ears and tail are just a few rows of knitting.

The muzzle is stitched on separately and is stuffed to give definition.

I love how my cat turned out.. he looks just like ‘Sylvester’..

My TOP TIP is to leave a long tail when casting off your pieces, this can be used, and makes it easier, to stitch your pet together.


Happy knitting x


About the Author 

Sachiyo Ishii was a money broker in Wall Street and London, but discovered the joy of handcraft after her second son was born, and was very much influenced by the Steiner education system. She has been involved in many different creative activities, and her Waldorf-inspired dolls and knitted toys are well known and loved by many. Her work has appeared in knitting and parenting magazines. She lives and works freelance in West Sussex, England.





Buy the book.. 


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