Twist, Turn & Tie: 50 Japanese Braids Beth Kemp

91SHolmSLiL._AC_UL320_ Pub: Search Press Ltd

A must-have book for anyone who enjoys making their own jewelry, this collection of gorgeous Japanese braids shows you how to create beautiful cord jewelry with a kumihimo loom. The specially-drawn graphics make following the instructions easy for the beginner to intermediate crafter, and expert braider Beth Kemp gives a master class in combining different colors and textures of cords. Includes plenty of ideas for how to use braids in your jewelry making, such as how to finish with clasps, add accent beads, or create decorative end knots. The book comes with a braider’s mini-loom that you can just pop out from the front cover. This cute taster loom gives you something to try out your skills on.


My review 

Kumihimo is a new craft for me and I must admit it did take me a few tries to get the hang of it.

It is a craft I love and the effects of the simple task of braiding is amazing and the therapeutic mindfulness gives much needed quiet time.

This is a wonderful project book. It is full of beautiful jewellery pieces, and even though they look like they are difficult to do, believe me this is one of the easiest crafts to do that gives a professional and brilliant result almost immediately.

The book comes with a Kumihimo disc and also a template. This means yo can make one for your family and friends and enjoy as a group activity.

The instructions are simple and with lots of information of what you need it is a book that is well worth getting if you love making jewellery. I do recommend that you get the bobbins, and a weight. This will help with your final result.


2019-04-29 13.09.40 This Kumihimo disc is included with your book.

54799373_2109798475793866_2803626514774491136_n The effect is beautiful and it is a really quick craft to complate.


About the Author

Beth Kemp’s background is in the prestige jewelry industry. Ten years ago a love of textiles and beading led her to kumihimo. She is passionate about this art form, and loves sharing her knowledge with braiders worldwide, through her online store, “Braid & Bead Studio.” Beth teaches braiding on both the kumihimo disk and marudai. She has published articles, tutorials, and patterns and is the author of How to Kumihimo.



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