Modern Memory Quilts: A Handbook for Capturing Meaningful Moments Suzanne Paquette

A1ZNjYWcKvL._AC_UL436_ Pub:  C & T Publishing

Learn to incorporate treasured clothing into heirloom quilts without sacrificing your modern aesthetic. Stitch memories together forever with 12 quilt projects that are as meaningful as they are stylish! Modern heirloom quilter Suzanne Paquette shares the emotional, creative, and technical aspects of memory quilting through colourful storytelling and photography. Practical projects inspired by real families’ stories will help you celebrate love, provide comfort, and honour your family’s heritage.


My review 

There are many ways of capturing our memories and this book shows us how to incorporate our cherished ones into an heirloom quilt.

12 designs are showcased in this wonderfully unique ideas book and each one is personal to the family we get to know.

Applique designs in the shapes of dogs, photographs and favourite clothing are all included in the designs,and as well as giving a host of ideas there are many ways of making a personalised quilt that will last for many years and generations.

Each design come with a step by step quilting guide, with tips and hints on finishing your quilt.  The quilts shown are modern, edgy and what’s more they are personal history of those we love.

Different from a traditional quilt, there is no reason why a quilter will not find inspiration within these pages.  They really are exquisite pieces of art.


About the Author

Suzanne Paquette creates Modern Heirloom memory quilts. Her original designs have appeared in many books and quilting exhibitions. When she’s not quilting, Suzanne works with Camelot Fabrics as their marketing director. She lives in Montreal with her family.




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