Papercut Landscapes Sarah King


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Papercutting is a perfect craft for beginners, as you can achieve amazing results with the most basic of materials – a pencil, eraser, craft knife or scalpel, a piece of paper and a cutting surface.

Sarah’s art encapsulates the beauty of the English countryside, particularly the towns and villages around the Kent coast where she lives. Her use of fresh, vibrant colours and delightful compositions evoke memories of happy times, and expert papercrafters as well as those new to papercutting will find the charming, naive style of Sarah’s work irresistible.

Sarah’s down-to-earth approach to her art makes it enjoyable and accessible to all In the book she includes sections on choosing your materials and colours, and there is step-by-step guidance through all the basic techniques you need before embarking on the twelve gorgeous projects on the seaside, town life, the wilderness, and more.


My review 

Paper is a big passion of mine and when I saw this book I knew I just had to have a go.

The designs are amazing..I adored the balloon projects.

Sarah King is a master paper crafter and she shares her techniques, giving us a one on one tutorial in every aspect of paper cutting.

This craft is explained in detail, everything you need to know is all in this book, which includes a guide of what you will need to get started.

The ‘templates’ are stunning, and simple. but the finished effect of each design is absolutely brilliant.

There is good advice on how to make your own pictures from photographs or by free hand and what I especially loved was that this is a craft that is affordable and doesn’t use vast amounts of ‘stuff’ to create something beautiful.


This is not a craft for children, due to the use of craft knives.. but there is no reason why they cannot share the joy of paper piecing and learning along with you.


Of course I had to have a go and chose a balloon design..

I chose my design and traced it onto thin card..


Carefully using a craft knife, I started to cut the pieces out, leaving a thin line between each section of the picture. You cannot rush this process!!  Papercutting is a slow craft but oh so satisfying.


The next step.. I made a background for my design using paint and a water brush.

2019-02-12 09.56.45

I then used small pieces of card, which I glued to the back of my balloon to give it some colour.

2019-02-12 10.26.38

I am really pleased with my finished design and will send it as a card to brighten someones day.

2019-02-12 10.40.11

Happy crafting x


About the Author 

Sarah King loves creating colourful, handcut, paper landscapes inspired by nostalgic memories of childhood caravan holidays and day trips to the English coast and countryside. Sarah has always been a maker, and credits her grandma for encouraging her creativity, with never ending supplies of boxes, pens and paints, and garden flowers to make ‘perfume’ from! A toy typewriter was used to make typographical badges that she sold at school; and since then Sarah has tried lots of crafts including wire-wrapping, origami, lino-cutting, cross stitch, and more! Sarah enjoys reading craft books and is delighted to have now written one about her favourite craft, papercutting





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