The Mysterious Affair at Styles Agatha Christie



Recently, there have been some strange things happening at Styles, a large country house in Essex. Evelyn Howard, a loyal friend to the family for years, left the house after an argument with Mrs Inglethorp. Mrs Inglethorp is then suddenly taken ill and dies. Has she been poisoned? It is up to the famous Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot, to find out what happened.


My review

The Mysterious Affair at Styles  was Agatha Christie’s first novel.

I read somewhere that Ms Christie started writing as a bet,  because her sister said that there was no way that Agatha could write a novel. I think if this is true she won hands down..

This book is a great way to get to know the greatest detective in the world: Hercule Poirot. The funny little Belgian Detective whose little grey cells solve the murder and flush out the suspect.

The story is brilliant and with drawings of the layout of the house, the murder scene and even handwritten snippets of the will, we soon get to ‘help’ solve the crime.

AC novels are very character driven, but the way she unfolds the mystery is very very clever. This one for instance gives you a suspect, then free’s them until the ending shows that they did do it .. genius.

I have watched every TV show of these adaptations and one thing you soon realise after reading her novels is that are both very different, so don’t make the mistake of not reading at least one.

Written in 1916, Agatha Christie’s work has dated rather well. It is a joy to read and for ardent fans, a good place to start is at the beginning.



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