Love to Sew: Quilting on the Move Alistair MacDonald

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18 beautiful, quick and easy portable hand-sewn patchwork gifts to make using English paper piecing

English paper piecing is a popular and easy method of creating handsewn patchwork designs. Fabric is cut and folded over a paper template and shapes are stitched together by hand, making it ideal for sewing when you’re out and about, travelling, or sitting quietly at home.

Following in the style of the highly successful Love to Sew series, author Alistair Macdonald provides 20 fabulous projects, including a baby’s playmat, a scarf, a scatter cushion, a hobby bag, a tea cosy, a tote bag and a make-up purse. All are hand-sewn using the English paper-piecing method. Templates for all the projects are included, and there are basic, step-by-step instructions on this classic technique at the beginning of the book.

My review 

The best book for beginner sewists, which uses the simple art of paper piecing that everyone can do.

18 wonderful projects with simple step by step instructions, and with the inclusion of templates makes this a book for mindful sewing.

Paper piecing is a hand sewing technique, which involves cutting shapes of paper and wrapping your chosen fabric and stitching them together to make stunning and useful items. Cushions, bags  book covers and quilts

I actually started paper piecing when I first learned to sew, and started making a small lap quilt which when I eventually finished was a kingsized quilt which now adorns my bed and is very warm.. This craft is very addictive so be warned.



I decided to make a  Storage box 

Having chosen my fabric and cutting my paper shapes, I started to tack the fabric to the paper…. this needs to be removed later so a loose stitch is fine  These are then sewn together to make a ‘tube’.

The base of the ‘box’ is a piece of wadding sewn to the tube. to create the box.

The tacking stitch and the papers are then removed.

2019-01-26 13.10.13

I created an ‘inner’  for my box. I stitched this together using my sewing machine and placed my paper pieced box inside..right sides together.

I stitched around the top of the two pieces leaving an opening for turning the box into the correct way. I then top stitched around the top to close the gape and neaten the edge.

2019-01-26 13.24.31

It needs to be pressed but it’s perfect for sewing notions.

Happy stitching x

Here is my kingsized quilt that started as a small project ..very addictive !!


About the Author

Alistair Macdonald studied fashion design at Central St Martins School of Art and Design in London and set up his own womenswear label, House of Alistair, in 2008. Working from his own studio in London, Alistair now works on a wide variety of projects including high fashion, film costume and a very successful haberdashery and giftware collection. Gifted with a highly creative imagination, Alistair is known for his fun, quirky and stylish creations.



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