A Passion for Needlework Inspirations Studio

514ktsfy8il._ac_us218_Pub: Inspirations

Exquisite and innovative hand stitched pieces to create sophisticated needlework. This brand-new edition brings to life another twelve masterpieces, this time in the singular, spectacular setting of Factoria VII. A Passion For Needlework Factoria VII tells the story of beautiful, sophisticated needlework juxtaposed with a rustic, industrial cottage. It comprises of twelve unique and individual stories with one unified aesthetic. The book comes with premium specification upgrades including a hard cover embellished with foil, a luxurious fabric spine, two pattern sheets with a pocket for storing them and a beautiful 15mm ribbon bookmark.


My review 

This is a book with the absolute WOW factor.

The title just says it all.. it truly is inspirational. Even if like me you are not a advanced embroiderer, this books has some fabulous projects that I can take bits from and practice my stitch work.

Beautifully photographed, my favourite pieces have to be the 3D projects, such as the edinburgh etui and the very elegant flower pots.

It is quite hard to believe that these beautiful  works of art are stitched.

There are full sized pattern templates and a complete guide demonstrating each item. The guides include all you need to complete a stunning masterpiece.

Various stitch techniques are covered within the pages, and to be perfectly honest even if you cannot embroider but your passion for needlework is just that, then this book is for you.

It is divine.



About the Author

Based in Australia Inspirations Studios has a rich history forged with needle and thread. A tapestry of needlework publications spanning over 30 years that have delighted the needlework community. They also publish Inspirations needlework magazine.




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