Freestyle Embroidered Mandalas Hazel Blomkamp and Di Van Niekerk

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When top artists from various disciplines collaborate, the result is bound to be greater than the sum of the individuals’ skills. In this unique book, master embroiderers Hazel Blomkamp and Di van Niekerk have come together with fine artist Monique Day-Wilde to create a collection of luminous designs inspired by the beauty and mysticism of mandalas.

Using Monique’s original mandala designs as their templates, Hazel and Di have adorned the rounded outlines with creative surface embroidery using a wide range of stitches and techniques in stunning combinations. From simple, monochromatic line patterns to colorful and flamboyant bead-and-thread fusions, the embroidered mandalas will inspire and delight everyone from beginners to the most experienced.

Throughout the book the authors share plenty of ideas and tips, and offer instruction with a fresh approach to surface embroidery. There is a complete stitch gallery with illustrations and instructions for all the stitches and techniques used which includes old favourites, such as simple back- and chain stitches, as well as the more intricate – needle lace, trellis couching and weaving. Beadwork is also explored to add sparkle and finishing touches, and special effects are created by incorporating the occasional bit of trapunto, ribbon embroidery and appliqué.

Both line and color templates of the designs are included, with a detailed stitch diagram and list of threads and materials for every project. A selection of templates also show different embroidery treatments to illustrate how versatile the designs are.

Fall into a captivating treasure trove of whorled stitches and silk, and discover the beautiful world designed by these renowned artists of needle and brush.


My review  

What I love about this beautiful book, is that not only can I indulge in my love of embroidery but it also gives me the opportunity to try new things.

Coloring, beading and other stunning techniques can be incorporated to make a wonderful design.

The intricacy of each pattern is two things.. they are beautiful and on closer inspection they are simple. This makes them easy for beginner embroiderers and gives advanced stitchers the chance to develop skills and add a more personal touch to their design.

This is a brilliant teaching tool. The instructions are easy to understand and each project is given a skill level… beginner, intermediate and advanced.

There are templates to copy, and each project comes with a DMC colour recommendation. Of course there is no reason why you cannot use your own choice of thread and colour scheme.

The finished designs are beautifully photographed and this is a book filled with embroidery inspiration. It really is beautiful



Each project comes with a template to copy, and the finished designs are beautifully photographed.


About the Author 

An artistically inclined mother and a keen interest in all things beautiful got Di off to an early start as an embroiderer. Her love for this discipline soon became her livelihood and starting an embroidery business was just another natural progression for this talented crafter. She opened her first shop in the Natal Midlands and when the family decided to uproot and move to Johannesburg, along went the business. After four years of running one of Johannesburg’s most successful embroidery shops, the family’s urge to settle in Cape Town became too strong to ignore. Di now lives in the Mother City where she runs two successful embroidery shops.
The end product of her latest interest, hand painting her own range of silk and organza ribbons for embroidery, is marketed to retail outlets worldwide.





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