Doll Dress Boutique Erin Hentzel

61L9kR0NoRL._AC_US218_Pub: C&T Publishing

Classic A-lines, sleeveless summer dresses, and party frocks–learn to sew eighteen-inch doll dresses for every occasion. This huge collection of over forty miniature dress designs includes twenty-eight complete patterns, plus thirteen bonus looks created from mix-and-match elements. Richly photographed, stylish dress projects are paired with sewing tutorials aimed at intermediate and advanced doll dressmakers. With princess seams, pretty pockets, and a variety of necklines, dressing up your doll has never been so much fun!


My review

I love sewing, and think that making dolls clothes is a great way of advancing your sewing skills without worrying about wasting fabric.

This book is fabulous. It has 40 projects and the dresses are amazing.

From A line to party dresses this project book ensures your child’s best friend is a well dressed fashionista.

The techniques and instructions are simple to follow, each dress has it’s own section, and I think that each dress can be adapted and changed according to what you want.

The templates are full sized, I traced mine onto to copy paper which keeps the original sheet intact for future use.

This book is highly recommended and I think that even a novice sewist can follow the patterns and achieve something amazing.


About the Author

Erin Hentzel fell in love with sewing at age seven and began sewing stuffed animals, doll clothing, and clothing for herself. Erin sells sewing patterns online and teaches sewing classes locally. She lives in Willamette Valley, Oregon, with her family.





My Make

I decided to make a Classic sleeveless dress to accompany this review.

I traced my pattern pieces onto some copy paper, and cut out my pieces. This design has a lined bodice.. if you have never lined anything before, give this a try. It is very simple and with the simple pictorial and written instructions you cannot cannot go wrong.



The next step is stitch the bodice and the lining together. I used pinking shears to neaten the edges of my sewing, this also helps reduce bulk around curves.



As with all sewing projects, it is good practice to press your garment as you go. this gives it a crisp finish and makes the dress look amazing.



I stitched the skirt to the bodice and again crimped the edge.  I also added some lace to the hem. The last process is the sew the back of the skirt. I added a plastic snap fastener so the dress can be closed.

2018-12-14 10.09.06

This is the finished dress. The finished size fits an 18 inch doll.

..2018-12-14 10.09.22

Happy sewing x


Buy the book..


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