Mini Hoop Embroideries: Over 60 Little Masterpieces to Stitch and Wear Sonia Lyne

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Learn to create over 60 tiny masterpieces in a wide range of embroidery styles by the renowned founder of Dandelyne, Sonia Lyne.

Frame it, wear it, look awesome.

Stitch a multitude of embroidery designs all within a cute and tiny mini hoop! Following the simple instructions inside, learn how to create over 60 tiny masterpieces in a wide range of styles by original mini embroidery hoop creator Sonia Lyne, founder of DandelyneTM.

Using these little hoops as your canvas learn to stitch it all, from classic embroidered flowers and appliqué animals through to abstract stitch ‘n’ paint shapes and tasselled creatures. Then, proudly frame and decorate your stitched art and turn them into eye-catching jewellery pieces, or display them in your home for ultimate hoopy gorgeousness.

Beginner embroiderers and experienced stitchers short on time will love the small size of these hoops, and almost all the designs can be made in a weekend. Throughout the book, Sonia gives you tips on colour and stitch variations, as well as alternative hoop shapes you could use from her mini hoop packs, inspiring you to make these little designs truly your own!

Whatever your style, there s a treasure trove of stunning designs and motifs to stitch and adapt, encouraging you to grow confident in building (and feeling proud of) your own artistic juices. So get ready to be motivated, excited and inspired to stitch up a sea of mini masterpieces that you’ll love to show off and gift to a loved one (or make for yours truly…).


My review 

This year for me has been a year of embroidery and cross stitching.

This is a fun and quirky book filled with 60 projects to fit tiny embroidery hoops, which come in all shapes and sizes.

The designs are brilliant. Some are traditional, some are appliqued but all of them are very eye catching and amazing.

Unicorns, pets and abstract patterns are included and the visual and written instructions are very simple to follow. Each one is inspiring and you will be able to indulge in a creative and imaginative craft session just by looking through the wonderful ideas.

The techniques are all explained and cover a wide range of sewing and embellishment skills.

This is a fabulous book, and would make a perfect gift for a stitchy fan.



I bought some tiny hoops and decided to stitch the beautiful unicorn. The hoops are about 1 1/2 inches and come in different shapes. These can be used as broaches, rings and necklaces.

I drew around the back of my hoop so I knew what size my work needed to be.

The projects have a few templates to help with your design. of course this doesn’t look like much but wait….

2018-12-02 10.19.53

Once my sewing has been trimmed and mounted it is a cute Unicorn necklace.

2018-12-02 10.32.01


The Author

Sonia Lyne is a passionate embroiderer; so passionate in fact, that she has embroidery floss coming out of her pores and in danger of looking like one big fluffy dandelion…

Although Sonia fell in love with embroidery at the age of 7, it wasn’t until 2011 that she took up the needle and hoop once more and returned to her early passion – her first piece after such a hiatus was an embroidered portrait of her family, as it was then that her enthusiasm was sparked. With her previous experience in the fashion industry, working as a pattern-maker, assistant stylist, buyer and eventually owning her own children’s clothing brand, Sonia had the eye and creativity to not only to start designing her own embroideries but to daydream and latterly create teeny tiny embroidery hoops with which to frame her mini designs. Thinking others may wish to create their own small-scale embroidery projects, it was then that she began Dandelyne(TM), a business handmaking and selling tiny hoop kits for budding and experienced stitchers everywhere.

Mini Hoop Embroideries is her first book.





Buy the book..


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