Craft Yourself Silly


My latest project from the wonderful Craft Yourself Silly was to make a bag .. I was excited to get out my sewing machine once again.

2018-12-07 09.40.02

The kit has full instructions which are simple to follow, and full sized templates are included. I was also given a range of fabric to use.



Even though the templates are ready to cut out. The card is beautiful, It is a thick sturdy card but I like to copy my templates onto copy paper, so my original pattern sheet is kept crisp for future use.


I stitched my pieces together, using a quarter inch seam allowance and pressed each section as I went along. I pressed my seams open.

Make sure your seams match to give this a professional look and finish.







So.. when all the pieces are stitched together you end up with a fabric shape..

2018-12-07 11.03.33


Next is attaching the wadding/batting. This gives the bag structure.

I always cut my wadding/batting a little bigger than my pattern piece, then cut it to size after I have finished embellishing or quilting. I have found that during this process the wadding/ batting will shrink a little .

You will also need some lining the same size as your pattern piece.

2018-12-07 11.39.12


The bag is then stitched together, following the instructions. I decided to add a flap.

2018-12-07 14.03.57


The handles are pinned into place and then the lining is placed over the bag and stitched together.

Remember to leave an opening in the lining so you can ‘turn’ your bag in the right way. Top stitch around the top edge of your bag so it lies flat and looks fabulous.


here is my finished bag. I added a snap fastener to close the bag.




Happy sewing!!


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