Exercise Your Demons: A Mindful Journal Lucy Irving

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In a world that seems to spin ever faster, and not necessarily in the direction you hoped for, it is easy to find yourself falling prey to your personal demons. They start to lurk around every corner in their many different forms: demons of despair and despondency, anger and irritation, envy and regret. Exercise Your Demons: A Mindful Journal offers a devilishly creative solution. It does not demand that you kill your demons, but instead suggests you get to know them. It does not show you how to exorcise your demons, but instead demonstrates how to exercise them: visualising them, understanding them, accepting them, and ultimately perhaps changing them into more manageable creatures that roll over, show you their bellies and purr. Filled with creative exercises and projects, along with positive meditations and metaphors, this is the most fun guide to tapping into your creativity and bringing mindfulness into your everyday existence. Personalize it with your own thoughts and stories, lists and scribbles, doodles and drawings, and you will discover how to name and tame those inner demons and put a new spin on your world.


My review

I just love journals and ones that enable a little self help and inspire me to give myself a break sometimes are just fabulous.

Mindfulness and mental health are a key factor in today’s busy world. What this journal does that is different from other kind of journalling, is that it is gives you a list of ‘demons’ to exercise and approach with a more positive outlook.

My ‘Demon’ at the moment is not sleeping,

2018-10-31 08.25.24l

So I am happy that there is a section on Insomnia. With four steps there is advice and tips to help promote a better nights sleep. It shows why we may have insomnia and recommends some ‘taming’ methods.  There is also a section to be able to write down thoughts and feelings about particular problems.

This is a fun book, with a serious side.  ‘Demons’ such as Anger, Self-pity, Doubt, and even a Looking Good Demon, to name just a few are all included.

So whatever you worry about, whether it be a ‘Demon’ that can be ‘cured’ with just a little thought, or a ‘Demon’ that needs a little longer to think about with an action plan, this book will at least give you food for thought, and help guide you into making your life a more trouble free and peaceful place to live.


The Author 

Lucy Irving is an artist and illustrator living and working in Brighton, England, who is best known for her bold and graphic work in digital and sculptural form. She has a playful and mindful interest in the world around her especially the juxtaposition of nature and technology that encourages her artistic pursuits. Her previous books include the Creative Space Journal (Ammonite).






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