The Big Book of Pretty & Playful Applique Carol Armstrong

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Carol Armstrong’s stunning garden quilts and charming critters have changed the way we applique. Now her best flora and fauna are together in a single volume–162 full-size patterns from blooming flowers and birds in flight to household pets as loveable as your own dog or cat. Bring creatures to life with sparkling eyes, dainty wings, and twitchy whiskers. Forgo templates with her timesaving, beginner-friendly light box applique technique.


My review

This is the most perfect book for applique fans.

Cats, Dogs, Birds and Flowers are all beautifully showcased inside this wonderful book.

The templates are perfectly sized and each of the projects come with instruction and extra details to embellish and finish your work.

In full colour, the projects are amazing. The detail in each piece is stunning and the finished pieces are really something to look at.

They can be made into quilts, cushions, bags and other home furnishings or they can be given as gifts.

There are techniques and stitch details included and with lots if hints and tips, even a beginner will be able to achieve a beautifully finished item.




I decided to applique The Dachshund, as he was just so cute.

I chose my design and copied the template onto some ‘bondaweb’. I carefully numbered all the pieces .. this is to be sewn in order.

There are many suggestions on how to applique but this is the method I am used to.



Using small stitches I appliqued my design by hand. I decided to use a range of scrap fabric for each piece.


I am really pleased with how my project turned out. Applique is not a quick craft and needs special care when sewing.

2018-10-08 18.04.23  2018-10-08 18.04.10


Happy Sewing x




The  Author

Carol Armstrong taught herself to quilt in 1980, developing a unique and highly artistic style. She uses her favorite technique, “Lightbox Applique,” on flora, birds, woodland creatures, and other designs. She lives in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula with her cabinetmaker husband.


Buy the book..


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