Embroidoodles Craft Yourself Silly

I have been lucky enough to be chosen to make a sample Embroidoodle for a brilliant company called Craft Yourself Silly.

Craft Yourself Silly are based in the North East of England, not far from where I live.

I came to know about them from the Craft  channel Hochanda, where I buy a lot of my crafting supplies.

Craft Yourself Silly are fabulous craft fabric specialists, that create and design many different fabrics, patterns and have some unique and enterprising sewing ideas.

My sample will be taken to the USA  for the Craft Yourself Silly stand at the International Quilt Market in Texas.

I am very excited that I have been able to have this opportunity and those of you who follow my blog will know I am an avid crafter and adore sewing in particular.

I am not a professional Embroiderer but I love the quiet mindfulness and peace that I get from just sitting and hand stitching.


I thought I would chart my progress just to show you all how this craft can be both imaginative and beautiful.


2018-10-01 11.07.15 I was given a stamped piece of fabric and six threads for my project. The threads are lovely, they have a lush feel and are very bright, despite their muted tones. One thing I noticed, was that they didn’t tangle when I split them.

The fabric is 100% Cotton Half Panama. The fabric has a beautiful feel to it and is of a high quality. The pattern is the Llama Embroidoodle which is one of 4 new designs. There are 8 Embroidoodle designs in total.


2018-10-01 13.04.59 The Embroidoodle is perfect to practice your embroidery stitches and to advance your sewing skills. Here I have used Satin stitch, French knots and Buttonhole flowers.


2018-10-01 17.26.02 Adding a few more stitches and thread colours, my work soon finds it’s own style and personality.

2018-10-02 09.46.38 I do love a furry Llama!!


2018-10-03 14.35.23  This is turning out to be quite a work of ‘art’…… almost done.

2018-10-03 15.52.29 My completed design. I am very happy with project which took 3 days to complete.


These small pieces of crafting art, are a wonderful way to just enjoy sewing and be creative. Of course if you are not a stitcher, you can use fabric pens to colour the pattern in, and embellishments such as beads ribbon, or whatever you decide to use will just as gorgeous and provide endless fun and imagination.







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