Pebble Pets Denise Scicluna

51iN3Y4zYGL._AC_US218_Pub: Search Press Ltd

Over 50 adorable animal rock art designs for the ultimate stress-free family menagerie! From Denise Scicluna, the author of Rock Art, comes this guide to creating cute and characterful animal rock art projects in a variety of styles. Getting started in rock art couldn’t be simpler. It doesn’t require expensive materials or complicated techniques all you need is a rock, some paint or marker pens and your imagination! Its great for beginner and more seasoned artists alike, and is the perfect family craft. Discover more than 50 adorable rock art ideas for animals in a variety of styles. Projects include woodland creatures such as foxes and squirrels, zoo favourites like pandas and tigers, birds, bees, butterflies, bugs, and a whole host of other animals for you to recreate. With clear step-by-step instructions accompanying each design, lots of variations, and bags of inspiration, Pebble Pets will soon have you on your way to creating your own rock art menagerie


This is an adorable project book.

With a few rocks, paints or marker pens. you can create some wonderful ‘pets’.

I adored the ladybird, but the lion the bee and the birds  are just fantastic.

This is a perfect rainy afternoon craft for kids, there is really no effort needed and it’s so much fun.

Each of the 50 projects, have instructions that are simple to follow, and with a picture step by step, it is both educational and fun.

There is a concise ‘rock guide’ to ensure you choose the ideal size, shape and type. There is also a list of things needed and some tips on how to get started.

This book would be amazing for small groups to get together and have some creative fun.

It is just brilliant, and one I highly recommend.


2018-08-12 09.06.46 The ladybirds are my favourite.


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