Pretty and Purposeful USB Cutting Craftorium


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Being an avid crafter, I am always on the lookout for fabulous and original projects to do.

I recently bought a ‘Brother Scan ‘n’ Cut cutting machine’, and after several weeks of it staying in the box I decided to go full steam ahead and have a go.

2018-08-06 10.02.33

I then discovered USB’s.

Pretty and Purposeful is one of my favourites. It covers all things storage and these, with the help of my Cutting machine can be easily made and can also be adapted in size.

They are SVG files and the Pretty and Purposeful USB also comes with an additional feature to print beautiful patterned paper that can be colour changed and printed on a normal printer.

The USB is easy to use.

I plugged it into my machine and on the screen comes a variety of projects and options. Each project has a ‘file’. Each file has the pieces sized and named, so it is really simple to use and all you do is choose your project and click ‘cut’.

2018-08-06 10.03.29


2018-08-06 09.19.56

I decided my project would the ‘BOOK BOX‘  All I needed was several sheets of construction board.. I bought the 1000 micron, and some glue. I used the recommended Pinflair Bookbinding Glue.

2018-08-06 09.23.35

My pieces are all cut, Depending on your construction thickness, each piece needs to be two or three times. These are then glued together in layers and what you end up with is a solid board, that when built, will make a useable and sturdy storage box or shelf.

It is recommended to write the name of the pieces on the cut outs,

2018-08-06 11.17.52

The ‘BOOK BOX’ consists of a outer box and a drawer.

When the glued pieces are dry, I took a sanding block and smoothed the edges of each piece. I then used a coloured pen to paint each edge so it looks very much like wood.  Honestly.. everything has been carefully thought through. You cannot go wrong.

The stages of each project are listed in the handy booklet and there are some handy hints and tips too.

2018-08-06 11.26.08  2018-08-06 12.37.35

After this stage is complete, it’s time to ‘pretty up’ your project.

The USB contains some gorgeous paper for you to print.. My printer is out of ink so I used a 12 x 12 patterned paper pad. These are once again cut to size on my Brother Scan’n’ Cut.

2018-08-06 12.03.19

I glued each corresponding piece both sides with my chosen paper.

Next is the construction. This takes time. It is recommended that each stage is glued and left to completely dry before you continue. The recommended Pinflair Bookbinding glue is perfect. It takes little time to dry and sticks beautifully well.

2018-08-06 12.41.38

My outer box complete I soon finished the inner drawer.

I used a button with a ribbon pulled through, for my drawer knob, this I stuck on with a glue gun. It holds really well.

2018-08-06 13.28.41  2018-08-06 13.46.03

This is a beautiful project, and although takes several hours, I really felt I made something that I can and will use, they would also make beautiful gifts.

I was so delighted with my first attempt I also made ‘The Slider Lid Storage Box‘ .

2018-08-06 13.46.25


Happy crafting x


Credits and links…

I purchased both the Pretty and Purposeful USB and the Brother Scan ‘n’Cut  from Create and Craft.  Create and Craft is a TV shopping channel found on

  • Sky 683
  • Freeview 23
  • Virgin 748
  • Freesat 813
  • Apple TV
  • Amazon Fire


Melanie Heaton is the name attached to the Pretty and Purposeful USB, she is a professional craft demonstrator and designer.

Twitter  @HeatonMelanie 

Insta   #heaton2187.


Melanie works with a fabulous team of designers at the Innovation Hub in Derbyshire.They are a creative team that work really hard to keep bringing fantastic new products to Create and Craft.


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