Crease + Fold Sok Song

515QJg19FGL._AC_US218_Pub: Potter Craft

The traditional art of origami has gone mainstream with origami folds popping up on fashion runways and in museum exhibitions. A testament to the amazing versatility of the craft today, this book is filled with clever paper projects sure to impress enthusiasts and casual crafters alike. In Crease + Fold, paper artist Sok Song presents 40 modern origami projects that transform a simple piece of paper into an astonishing array of paper sculpture, cards, home items, ornaments and wearable accessories. Many of the projects showcase ways of using recycled or alternative materials; some are life-size, such as an elephant that takes an extra set of hands to accomplish, but all adhere to the origami purist restriction of no cutting or gluing. From a rose fashioned out of a dollar bill to a wallet made from a subway map, Crease + Fold demonstrates that anything is possible just using simple folds.


This is a gorgeous book, showcasing the ancient japanese art of paper folding.

I am addicted to paper, so I couldn’t wait to get folding. The easy to follow instructions are perfect for beginners and more advanced origamists.

Included are suggestions for the perfect paper and folding techniques are demonstrated in visual and written formats.

There are many folding projects, choosing a favourite was hard, but the frog, the bunny and especially the kangaroo are adorable.

Sok Song promotes mindfulness and quiet while folding so this is a good activity for those of us who require a hour or two of mental clarity and calmness.

This book comes highly recommended and would make a wonderful gift for both children and adults.




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