Stripey Enid Natasha Lea

41oKAkZextL._AC_US218_ Pub: Beercott Books

‘Believe in yourself, for you are unique!’

In this ever-changing world our children are bombarded with ‘image’ driven ideals of what is accepted as normal, or what we should aspire to be.

The reality is we are all unique and should be proud of it.

Stripey Enid has no colour or creed, she is just a friend. Using simple verse and interactive tasks, she aims to help your child understand that it is good to be unique, and that being yourself is all you need to be.


This wonderful book written in verse is perfect for helping young children understand that everyone is different in some way.

It is an adorable story, teaching us all that it is ok to be stripey or wavy or even squiggly, and with it’s large print and easy words it is also a good book for the small members of our family to be able to read,

There are a few activities to complete, which help explain what the ‘lesson’ is, and it’s simplicity is just about perfect. There is no difficulty in understanding what Stripey Enid is about.

It is ideal for boys and girls and I think it should be on every childs bookshelf.

The language is simple but the message is clear, She helps encourage us to believe that whatever and whoever we are, we are all amazing, so just enjoy being YOU.

I personally would love to see a series of these ‘life lessons’ , It is such a brilliant idea.


2018-05-09 16.28.52


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