Paper Craft Home Sarah Louise Matthews

512IEV7-1SL._AC_US218_ Pub:  Search Press Ltd

25 beautiful projects to cut, fold and shape for your home. Papercrafting is a perennial favourite among crafters its creative, accessible, and inexpensive, making it perfect for gifting. A blank sheet of paper offers limitless possibilities and unexpected ways in which it can be cut, scored, creased, shaped, and glued to transform an everyday material into something extraordinary and precious. In this book by renowned paper engineer and papercut product designer Sarah Louise Matthews, you will discover 25 gorgeous papercraft projects for home décor to make for yourself or as gifts for friends and family. Start by learning the essential techniques, including papercutting, scoring, folding, shaping, and glueing, then dive straight into the myriad beautiful designs from pop-up cards and cake toppers to lampshades, fairylights and even a cuckoo clock! For the more complex designs, templates have also been printed in the book which you can scan or trace for a quick and easy start to your papercutting journey. Papercutting is one of the most popular crafts around, and no wonder with just a few tools you can draw beautiful designs with your scalpel and experience the relaxing, creative and rewarding experience of paperworking.


Paper is my passion..

So this a book I really loved.

It is not a book for children as many of the projects require the use of a scalpel.

25 projects which range from pots for pencils and plants, to flowers for decoration, cards and much more are beautifully demonstrated and simple to make.

Some care and patience is needed, a few of he projects are intricate, but this adds to their stunning effects, and I spent a whole morning having fun making a card that will definitely brighten someones day.

Paper Craft Home is visually impressive. The instructions are simple to follow, with pictures and words guiding you along.

The templates are included, some will need to be enlarged, and this makes them completely adaptable.

This inspiring book is perfect for advanced crafters. The projects are delightful, which makes ideal gifts or to prettiful any room or event.


I decided to make the ‘Floral Pop up Card’.


First I made the flowers. I traced the templates and cut them out.  I hen glued them together. You need seven in total.

2018-06-11 08.12.57  2018-06-11 08.18.18  2018-06-11 08.19.10


Next I used a scalpel to cut the front of the card. This was quite difficult as the template is small. You need a steady hand. I cut the front card first, then I cut the back card. This gives a layered effect. I added a coloured ‘insert’ to show off the cut effect.

2018-06-11 08.42.38  2018-06-11 09.14.13  2018-06-11 09.14.19  2018-06-11 09.25.19


I then arranged and glued the flowers inside the card. This needs to be done carefully, as the card needs to close. There are score lines on the flowers to enable this to happen.

2018-06-11 09.16.57  2018-06-11 09.25.27

The finished card is quite dramatic and while it is not quite perfect, I will be making several of these.

Happy Crafting x


Buy the book..

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