Tangle Art Pack: A Meditative Drawing Book and Sketchpad Beckah Krahula

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Grab a pen and get tangled up in hours of relaxation anywhere!

Now in an all-new format, Beckah Krahula’s best-selling book One Zentangle a Day is reconfigured into this beautiful gift package, including an informational book and companion sketchpad featuring prompts and drawings to get your started.

Find everything you need to experiment with the playful and inspiring world of tangle art, an incredibly soothing and relaxting way to create beautiful works of art. Each mark is called a “tangle” and you combine various tangles into patterns to create “tiles” or small square drawings. With meditation and focus on small strokes, your simple marks combine to create beautiful, detailed drawings in no time.

So grab a pen and get tangled up in hours of relaxation anywhere!


There is an art to Zentangle and unlike doodling it a chance to focus on your inner artist.

There are no mistakes in Zentangling as each line or shape can be a new invention.

Mindfulness is at the forefront of most peoples minds these days, and Zentangle is used as a form of Art Therapy.  I find it helps bring calm and peace to an otherwise chaotic day.  I have even done some Zenbroidery, which works on the same principle, just with sewing instead of drawing.

This is a lovely pack, it includes a book explaining Zentangle and the various lines and movements, and also a pad. This pad is gorgeous, if you appreciate good paper to draw on then you will love this, it is smooth and perfect for your drawings.

I would have loved it to come with a pen, but to be honest any pen, pencil or even chalk can be used.

Zentangle is the perfect craft to do, it only takes a few minutes to sit mindfully and you can do it anywhere.

It is a fun way to learn the art and soon becomes quite addictive


2018-05-15 06.34.09 The book and the pad can be removed from the outer case for easibility.



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