Silver Clay Workshop Melanie Blaikie

51tmGnEuccL._AC_US218_ (1)Pub: GMC Publications Ltd

If you love silver jewellery but don t have the time or patience to learn traditional silversmithing techniques, then the exciting medium of silver clay will open up a whole new range of possibilities to your jewellery making. Boasting all the same properties as modelling clay, it is 99.9% pure silver meaning you can make high-quality jewellery using the easiest of techniques. This handy new book is perfect for anyone taking their first steps with this rewarding craft. Get stuck in to the varied series of 22 projects that show perfectly the versatility of silver clay. Shape, roll, cut, mould and indent your way through them, learning the techniques as you go. From pendants and bracelets to rings and statement beads, there will be something for everyone.


I chose this book as my jewellery making friend works with clay and I wanted to try it.

There are 22 projects in this book and from start to the finished item Silver Clay Workshop covers every step of the process.

I adored the Button Cuff Links, but each of the projects are stunning, From beginner to advanced the guide is easy to follow. Each piece has a list of needed items and is full of useful hints and tips. The Glossary at the bag is particularly interesting, it explains the  terminology and names of useful tools and techniques.

The picture are in full colour and is perfect for both the visual and method follower.

I hope to create my first piece very soon, so watch this space.


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