Hooked on Celtic Rugs Gail Lambert


download (1) Pub: Ampry Publishing

Hooked on Celtic Rugs contains a gallery of 20 Celtic rugs to serve as inspiration for your on designs as well as 12 intriguing designs to model off of by master designer David Rankine. Come with us into the colourful world of Celtic rug hooking, a world of amazing designs. Celtic rug expert Gail Lambert leads us through the process of colour planning and hooking these appealing designs, with tips and suggestions on deciphering and untangling a pattern, outlining the complex details, and finishing your hooked piece. As a special treat, Gail included seven Irish recipes for the busy rug hooker. With this book you’ll learn how to colour plan and hook your Celtic rug, how to create illuminated letters and fanciful birds, and how to create both simple and complicated Celtic knots.


Rug Hooking is a craft making a huge comeback..

This is a beautiful book that showcases the most stunning Celtic designs. If nothing else it is truly inspiring.

The Introduction is interesting, covering the start of Celtic design and the history of the symbolic and religious background.

A complete lesson in ‘how to’ is clear and easy to understand and pointers and tips are highlighted.

What I loved about this book, is that is also littered with recipes, soups, scones and breads, my big favourite  a Slow Cooker Leg of Lamb is going to be a family treat.

The patterns are amazing and the colour co-ordination show these rugs off to their very best. The designs are in the back and can be photocopied for easy use. I probably shouldn’t say this but they would also make some beautiful embroidery designs for matching cushions etc.

The designer David Rankine is truly talented and Gail Lambert is a master of her craft.

Hooked on Celtic Rugs would be  good starter book for beginners, and for advanced rug hookers the ideas and designs are inspiring and stunning.


Buy the book..




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