Handmade Glamping Charlotte Liddle and Lucy Hopping

51rmrCSyi8L._AC_US218_Pub: CICO Books

Decorate your tent, tipi, caravan or camper van with any of the 35 stunning projects in Handmade Glamping.

Using a variety of crafting techniques including knitting, crochet, quilting, embroidery, patchwork and appliqué, Charlotte Liddle and Lucy Hopping have created a wonderful range of accessories that will bring retro charm to your idyllic country getaway. Whether you fancy a quiet retreat to secluded beaches or are off to live it up at the summer festivals, you will find something to make your home-away-from-home look stunning and feel cosy and comfortable. Divided into four chapters, Handmade Glamping starts with Recycling and Repurposing, which will show you how to make some stunning embroidered curtains using vintage fabrics or the hexagonal patchwork scatter cushions to put on the camp bed. In Campfire Cooking there is everything you’ll need for a romantic meal under the stars, including decorated plates, quilted placemats and a picnic bag. Pretty Decorations has crocheted bunting to string outside, a cute cross-stitch picture to hang inside, and pretty storage ideas for small spaces that recycle jam jars and other household items. Finally, Outdoor Living comes with ideas for candle holders, a tent tidy, a wind break and even a re-upholstered deck chair.


This is a delightful project book to make your camping more glam.

35 projects from pillows to glass lanterns are all showcased for recycling, beautifying, and making.

Who knew that outdoor living could be so charming and pretty?? Whether it’s for a tent, caravan or just your picnic table, there is a project for you.

The projects can be made from scratch or you can repurpose an old item and make it new again.

Painting, sewing and embellishing has never been so much fun, and you do not really need any major skills, this book is all about inspiring and your own creativity will be enhanced by the ideas in this wonderful book.

There are templates included which need to be enlarged, and the techniques section gives tips and advice on embroidery, crochet sewing and knitting.  All the projects and ideas are useful and pretty.

Handmade Glamping  is colourful and beautifully presented. It would make a perfect gift and I for one can highly recommend it.


I decided to make the ‘Crochet Food Cover’..

2018-04-02 16.44.59

2018-04-02 16.50.20 Choosing two pieces of fabric I used a bowl to draw two circles. I cut them out using pinking shears and with right sides together, I stitched around the edges leaving a small gap.

2018-04-02 17.02.13 Pull the circle through the gap so it is the right way and press.

2018-04-02 17.49.24 I used Perle cotton for my crochet,and using a blanket stitch I stitched around the edge of my cover..

2018-04-02 19.02.26 I used complimentary colours for my two rows of double crochet..

2018-04-02 19.08.26 and on the third row, I thread some beads onto my cotton before using it to crochet..

2018-04-02 19.20.17 at regular intervals I placed a bead until the last row was completed.

2018-04-03 06.59.31 These covers are perfect for covering food or just keeping the dust off your water 😃


Happy Glamping x


Buy the book..





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