Simple Cloth Daisy Dolls Wenche O. Steensen

2018-04-01 09.24.04Pub: Search Press

An irresistible, super-cute collection of soft, cuddly dolls, the charming characters in this book are all based on just one simple design. Gorgeous in their simplicity, the dolls personalities are created cleverly with different hairstyles, clothes and accessories. The basic model measures 16-18 inches in heights and the materials used are pure cotton jersey and wool with very simple stitching to define the shapes. Suitable for beginners, the book includes detailed step-by-step photographs showing how to make the basic doll, and beautiful close up photographs of the finished dolls and their wardrobes. All the patterns are full size and the author offers lots of good tips and advice throughout. Whether new to doll making, or experienced in the technique, crafters and sewers will love making these beautiful, appealing softies, and the how-to book makes the creative process an easy and enjoyable one.


Everything you need to know about how to make a beautiful doll are in the pages of this wonderful book.

If you follow my blog you will know I love to sew and making dolls is a new interest for me.

These dolls are beautiful, simple and easy to make. The instructions are clear and easy to understand, and given in a step by step, page by page format. The pictorial guide is delightful and again simple to follow.

Simple Cloth Daisy Dolls has to be one of the best books for doll making. With full sized pattern templates and ideas for hair and clothing, it is inspiring and stunning.

I love the simplicity of these dolls, and I have to say they would make delightful gifts, the hats for them are amazing.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced doll maker, these dolls are divine. The only problem is knowing when you have made enough.


2018-04-01 09.54.10 The pictorial step by step guide is easy to follow.

2018-04-01 09.54.18 The finished doll is simple and beautiful


Buy the book..


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