200 Ripple Stitch Patterns Jan Eaton

download Pub: Search Press(UK)

A new edition of the popular stitch book by internationally renowned needlecraft and textile designer, Jan Eaton. In this collection, create beautiful fabrics with variegated zigzags of colour and pretty ridged effects that are perfect for afghans, throws, baby blankets and even wall hangings. This easy-to-use book features 200 colourful ripple stitch patterns to knit and crochet using a range of techniques, from traditional Shetland lace stitches to modern textured pattern. Each stitch features a detailed photograph, clear instructions and suggested colour variations; Jan’s book also includes guidance on planning


This is a beautiful book and perfect for all knitters, from beginners to advanced level.

Chevrons, Lace and Ripples are all laid out with stunning photography and easy to follow instructions.

On the right side pages of the book the patterns are for knitting and on the left they are for crochet. Which to me is a brilliant idea.

You will not find needle sizes,  you will refer to your wool band for this information, but all other guidance, with hints and tips are given.

All the patterns are beautiful. The ideas for throws, blankets and afghans are plenty, the colours chosen for each are impressive, but as always your own ideas and creativity are encouraged. Some of them  are perfect for scarves and snoods etc.

This book is highly recommended, and covers everything needed for a beautiful design.


I decided to knit ‘The Souvenir’ pattern.. which would make a beautiful scarf.

Although this looks like a complicated pattern, it really is quite simple.

2018-03-24 13.27.17

Almost from the very beginning it starts to take shape. This is the first row.

2018-03-24 13.52.01

And by row 8 it really has a ripple design

2018-03-24 14.11.37

I am going to continue until it is long enough for my scarf so watch this space.


Happy Knitting x



Buy the book..




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