Calling Cards: Connect with Style: Refining the Art of Social Networking Trice Boerens

514MIOJU2FL._AC_US218_Pub:  C & T Publishing

Book of calling cards for social situations. Some of the pages in the book can be used with standard label formatting software and run through desktop printers. Other pages are oddly shaped and meant to be used by hand. Instructions will be provided for using the cards in either way as well as suggestions for embellishing.

If you prefer something handmade then this book is perfect.

200 Calling Cards with 40 different designs are yours to colour, adorn and print to own specifications.

A website is given, that is just amazing. It includes templates and printing guides so you really cannot go wrong. Using an inkjet printer you are able to print your information onto your card.

If you just want to use the book as it is, then that is fine too. the designs are simple, some are very retro, some are pretty but all are unique.

There is a Calling Card for every occasion,  5 of each design which are all stunning, fun useful and very very stylish.



I chose a design that I could colour in.

The cards come in sheets. With 10 cards, 5 of each design per page it is easy to decide which one you prefer for each occasion.

2018-03-24 09.22.56

The front and back of the cards are patterned.

2018-03-24 09.24.16

I hand coloured my card. such fun ✏️

2018-03-24 09.33.33

I added my information and I was ready to go.

2018-03-24 09.39.58


Buy the book..


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