Fanciful Cloth Dolls Terese Cato

51nKbnbB1iL._AC_US218_Pub: C & T Publishing

This title is perfect for both beginner and experienced doll enthusiasts – learn the basics, try new techniques, and sprinkle in your own unique embellishing style. You don’t have to be a doll maker to enjoy creating these little sweethearts. If you love to craft and sew, you’ll have fun learning new techniques for creating a whimsical fairy, an impish elf, or a sweet pincushion girl. From fabric sculpting to face painting and all the finishing touches, every captivating detail of your doll will be appreciated for years to come. Each of the four projects has complete head-to-toe instructions, including details for expressive faces, perfect hair, cute clothes, and an abundance of accessories. A charming gallery of variations for each project will inspire you to add distinctive character and personal flair to your creations.


This is a beautiful book.

When I discovered it I felt I just had to have a go and make one of the wonderful doll designs.

It has four doll sections, each one with a clear and easy to understand pattern guide. The full sized patterns are brilliant.

This colourful glossy book is just delightful. the author has made it easy for us, beginners or advanced sewists, to be able to create a stunning doll that can be brought to life with a little care and inspiration.

Each step of making these dolls is described in written and picture form. The guides are simple and while they look complicated, the construction is straightforward and manageable.

Fabric and decoration are advised and recommended,  but to be honest, I am just going to let loose with my own choices.

The Pincushion Girls are fun, but my favourite has to Lyle the Elf . He is just amazing.

In 3D, these characters can be kept and handed down to generations to come and will be loved for ever They will make perfect gifts and I for one can’t wait to make one of my very own.



I have made Lyle the Elf.

Lyle is a 14 inch sitting doll and I think he is full of personality.

2018-03-25 07.18.46

There are a lot of pattern pieces to cut out for this doll, They are full sized so do not need to be enlarged. The instructions are easy to follow so do not be put off. I traced them onto to A4 paper then cut them out as I needed them, so I didn’t get confused with all the parts.

2018-03-24 16.10.23

I cut out the body pattern pieces first and chose my fabric. As recommended I used a striped fabric and was careful to match the stripes before I cut the pattern.

2018-03-24 16.28.43

After sewing them together and giving them a stuffing, I have a 3D body shape that brings to life this strange little man. I think I did a good job.

2018-03-25 09.14.32     2018-03-25 09.14.44

The fun part is getting him dressed. I decided on a tartan theme.

2018-03-25 12.23.06 This is his shirt, I used beads for his buttons.

2018-03-25 12.23.40 and for his scarf I made woollen tassles.

The next part is his trousers and shoes.

2018-03-25 14.25.14 I do love his spindly legs 😄

2018-03-26 09.44.22 With shoes, hands and a belt he is almost complete.

2018-03-31 18.27.19 Now time for the head, I must admit I am worried about this bit, but already he has features, so however he turns out at least he will have ‘personality’.

2018-04-01 09.24.04 So with his face coloured on with pencils, you can stitch his features if you wish, and topped off with a jaunty hat he is done. He is by no means perfect, but he is rather cute and as this is the first doll I have made, I have enjoyed the learning process.


Happy sewing x


Buy the book..




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