Bohemian Adventures Coloring Poster Book Valori Wells

61DFF4ueIdL._SY498_BO1,204,203,200_ Pub: C&T Publishing

These 8 vibrant jumbo-sized posters are printed on high-quality, heavyweight paper, with a full-page illustration on one side and a border design on the other. Use them as a cocktail party activity, as posters for your home, or as banners for birthdays, graduations, or celebrations of any kind! Even a few minutes a day spent colouring these glamorous camels, gorgeous flowers, desert patterns, and more can help you relieve stress and infuse much-needed creativity into your busy life. Plus, explore a new kind of colouring with select grayscale designs that add depth and contrast to your work with no extra effort from you!


The first thing you notice about this book is..

the paper quality. It is thick.

If like me you despair at the thin quality of other double sided colouring art books then you will be rather pleased with this book.

Sixteen art projects on 8 double sided sheets are just stunning. The illustrations are divine and have been well drawn.

My favourites are the ones with Elephants, but there are Camels, Flowers and other art forms to decorate. You can add your own features and I am going to try and add some mixed media on a few.

These posters will be fabulous for a rainy day family activity, and all kinds of colouring pens and paints will be ideal. I can imagine adding glitter and just let my creative flow ..well just flow.

This book is amazing. I would make an ideal gift and is the most perfect project book for an afternoon of quiet time and artistic expression.



2018-01-28 10.26.39

2018-01-28 10.26.56 The posters are folded inside the book and the raw edges are perforated. Be careful when you rip them out, they are very thick, and some care is needed.

2018-01-28 10.28.46 The posters are 19 inches x 30 inches and are beautifully illustrated on both sides.


Happy colouring x


Buy the book..



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