Little Needle-Felted Teddy Bears Judy Balchin Roz Dace

515n57Be5DL._AC_US218_Pub: Search Press Ltd

Needle-felting is an easy and fun technique, requiring little in the way of expensive materials or equipment. Its accessibility means it’s becoming more and more popular, and here Judy Balchin and Roz Dace show you how to make 20 wonderful little teddy bears using this tactile technique. Each bear measures around 10-12cm (4-5in) tall and can be made in a matter of hours from a bundle of wool fibres, a felting needle and some carefully chosen embellishments. Each bear has its own special character, and they make ideal gifts and keepsakes for friends and love ones. There’s a pretty ballet bear, a cool Christmas bear, as well as a vintage bear, rainbow bear and cute baby bears. Each project is accompanied by clear, step-by-step instructions and beautiful photographs, and there are handy hints and tips throughout the book to help the making process even easier. Detailed guidance is provided at the start of the book on the materials and equipment you need; how to sculpt a basic bear; make your bears’ paws, feet and faces; and how to really bring your bear to life by carefully positioning the nose, eyes and ears. The techniques are easy to learn and soon you will be designing and making bears of your own to keep or give.


I have always been interested in Needle Felting and this book is perfect to learn techniques and upgrade your skills.

There are some lovely pictures and the Teddy Bear projects are adorable.

There are 18 bears and the clear instructions are easy to follow.

With names such as Circus Bear, Thread Bear and my particular favourite Ballet Bear, there is a lot of choice. Every one loves a Teddy Bear and this would make perfect little gifts for young children and adults.

The book comes complete with templates, that help with shaping and size, and anyone looking for a new hobby will be delighted with this fantastic book.


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3 thoughts on “Little Needle-Felted Teddy Bears Judy Balchin Roz Dace

  1. I love needle-felted things. I have a little mouse and two foxes that I bought, and I did have a go at doing a fox of my own. It came out quite well but nothing like as good as professional ones. I guess it takes a lot more hard work to make them really good.

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      1. The process itself isn’t too hard, only on the hands. But actually shaping it to look like something and making the felt all nice and compacted takes quite a bit of hard work and skill. There’s a woman on Facebook whose work I was looking at earlier and it’s absolutely wonderful.

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