Add One Stitch Knitting Alina Schneider

51Uc3K5UBgL._AC_US160_Pub: Search Press Ltd

In a world driven by technology and never-ending to-do lists, knitting is a quiet oasis that makes you slow down and just relax for a while; the simple, repetitive dance of knitting needles, and the feeling of beautiful fibre running through your fingers, is the practical and gentle way of finally attaining that perfect moment of tranquillity.

In this book, take your first steps into the peaceful and fascinating world of knitting. Starting with just the two basic knitting stitches – knit and purl – build your repertoire up to the 15 essential stitches you need by combining these two essential knitting building blocks to create more complex stitches such as moss, waddle, rib, seed and more.

Each stitch technique is clearly explained and broken down into steps, as well as accompanied by photos and a handy swatch to show you what the finished piece should look like. Finally, with every new stitch, you are given the opportunity to practise your new-found knitting knowledge with a simple, beautiful modern project to knit at your leisure.

Stitch-by-stitch and project-by-project, build up your knitting skills today in this novel guide that will help and inspire those returning to knitting as well as beginners


When you see this book, it has an immediate calming effect.

With guidance on simple knitting stitches, the fifteen projects are soft and beautiful.

This book is easy to use, a beginner will find it a great help to build their confidence and an advanced knitter will be delighted with the inspiration.

Although each project is given a particular pattern and stitch, I am guessing that they could be easily swapped for another, to give different effects.

The joy of knitting is in the creation of each piece, The Oblique Rib Tote is stunning, and the projects range from simple leg warmers to a Pom pom hat.

This book is beautiful. the muted colours of the chosen yarn to the gorgeous photography of each item is delightful.

Perfect for every knitter and I think it would make the most loved gift.


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