Knitted Mini Charms Sachiyo Ishii

51VfXwg6W0L._AC_US218_.jpgPub:  Search Press(UK)

Charms and dangles are popular fashion accessories, used to decorate purses, bags mobile phones, and so on. In this book, Sachiyo provides patterns for 20 different designs all in her distinctive, cute and fun style. All the projects are really quick and easy to make each one can be made in just 15 minutes! They are therefore great for passing the time on a journey or when you have a few minutes to spare, and are small enough to carry around in your handbag. They are great for using up scraps of yarn too, and they make ideal little gifts for family, friends and boy or girlfriends.
There are ice cream cones, beach huts, strawberries and mushrooms, as well as love hearts, owls, cat and mouse, and stars, to name a few. There are lots of different charms to choose from and you can choose your own colours to make them your own. These charming dangles are great fun to make and cute little gifts to give. Knit one, pop it on a charm strap or even a suction cap to dangle in your car and use!


The ’20 to make’ series is an amazing collection of books based on all kinds of crafts.


I am loving reviewing the books for the ’20 to Make’ series.

This book is 48 pages filled with delightful charms to use how you will.

Perfect tiny projects that use just a small a mount of wool which are all just beautiful in their simplicity.

The book shows double page projects and all are superbly photographed.  Easy to do, I think this is a book for every skill level and they are are achieved in just an hour or two.

These lovely charms can be used as decorations, bag embellishments and as in my case a cat toy. ( she saw it and grabbed it 🙂 I should have filled it with catnip )

The projects range in size, from one inch to about four and half inches.

It is an ideal book to give as gift and to be honest I don’t how anyone could not love it.


I decided to make the ‘dice’’s so so cute.

2017-12-09 09.12.19

The ‘dice’ are made with just three pieces of knitting, using stocking stitch.  so this is such an easy project.

2017-12-09 09.29.14

The numbers are stitched on using ‘French knots’.

2017-12-09 09.47.23

The pieces are then stitched together to form a cube and stuffed. I just used the scraps of wool I had left over.

Happy knitting x

Buy the book..



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